Bohol News

  • Philippines Balicasag Island

    Day trip to the amazing Balicasag island in the Philippines, near Bohol island. We took a boat from Alona beach. Snorkeling in Balicasag is an amazing experience.

  • May Is Ocean Month

    As the country celebrates the Month of the Ocean this May, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)-7 has arranged activities relevant to the protection and conservation of the diverse coastal and marine resources in the region.

    Mario Aragon, Conservation and Development Division, disclosed the deployment of the autonomous reef monitoring structure (ARMS) this month to Panglao, Bohol during a discussion arranged by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) last May 4.

    According to the website of NOAA FISHERIES, ARMS is a device designed to mimic the structural complexity ...

  • Philippines Bohol Alona Beach At Night

    Today I show you Bohol's beautiful Alona Beach, day and night on our first day in the Philippines. The fun has only just begun!

  • Pahangog Twin Falls Of Bohol A Hidden Wonder

    There are several tourist spots in Bohol province for those looking for places to cool off under the Summer heat.

    Among these sites is the Pahangog Twin Falls in Barangay Guingoyuran in Dimiao town, which is located farther inland than most tourist spots on the island but the effort would be worth it.

    The twin falls is about 30 meters in height and surrounded by lush vegetation, including beautiful orchids.

    The place is new and still not filled with boisterous crowds that would be ideal for relaxation.

    There are cottages for rent, with fees ranging from P50 to P100 per day.

  • Bohol Philippines Sights And Sounds

    Took a jungle river cruise, visited Chocolate Hills, saw Tarsiers, Whale Sharks, Jackfish, went on a zipline and stayed at Alona Beach.

  • La Manok Island A Slice Of Paradise At The Northernmost Tip Of Cebu That You Should Visit

    I genuinely love to stay longer on the Island of Carnaza, but La Manok Island is calling us to traipse our feet on its low profile and yet alluring innate state. I have just heard about the La Manok Island and I have no idea what the island looks like. While heading to this Island we were still given a chance to see more of Carnaza Island with all its hidden white sand beaches, stunning cliffs and coastal sceneries that really left us in awe. Thanking our boatman for making our experienced on Carnaza Island amazing by letting us see what Carnaza Island really is. It was a quick tour around Car ...