Bohol News

  • The Morning Hills In Bohol

    A simple yet so natural and relaxing place to enjoy the morning sun, Himontagon Hills or Morning Hills in Loay, Bohol Philippines.

  • Danao Adventure Park Bohol Presents Plunge

    My plunge experience in Danao Adventure Park located in the municipality of Danao, Bohol, Philippines.

  • What Makes Bohol An Ideal Ecological Destination

    Environmental conservation is very important at present because of the catastrophes that are happening in our world today. To lessen the effects of global warming, people should have their own initiative in protecting our mother earth. Bohol is one of the most admired provinces in the Philippines because of its rich natural wonders and clean environment.

    There are many provinces in the Philippines like Cebu, Davao, Batanes, Iloilo and Legazpi. But, Bohol is a first-of-its-kind island province which consists of the island itself and 75 minor surrounding islands. These many islands with white ...

  • Bohol Still A Treasure

    It will soon be three years since the intensity 7.2 earthquake left the province of Bohol in ruins.

    Many of its historic churches were heavily damaged in the Oct. 15, 2013 tremor, but these houses of faith have not completely lost their allure as tourist destinations in Bohol, with groups of tourists visiting daily. Temporary chapels have been built beside some of the damaged churches, such as the Loboc Church or the San Pedro Apostol Parish Church.

    The Museum Gift Shop at the La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church, or the Baclayon Church, continues to draw visitors who ...

  • Jagna This Busy Town Is The Next Go-To Place In Bohol

    We were on the road for about two hours. The typical countryside scene—coconut trees, some houses by the highway, green rice paddies–almost didn't change…until we reached the town of Jagna.

    It was a busy place. People moved here and there, and despite having no tall buildings, the town's marketplace is crowded with establishments. I sensed progress from all the hustle and bustle, which even made me ask Mike if Jagna is already city. He said no. It's a third-class coastal town, and its main industry is farming, not fishing. Well, I told myself, maybe it will be a city soon.

    At the m ...

  • Alona And Balicasag Scuba Dive With Bohol Divers Club Mod

    So thankful I could learn to scuba dive and get my PADI OWD certification even though I had lung surgery two years ago!

    Thanks to Antoine/Renato/Sara at Bohol Divers Club at Alona Beach!

    0:34 : ?
    0:42 : nudibranch
    0:47 : leather coral
    0:54 : ? eel
    0:58 : yellow lipped sea krait (I guess. I remember head was a touch yellow)
    1:24 : ?
    1:34 : ?
    1:40 : ?
    2:09 : sea turtle
    3:07 : (gorgonian) sea fan
    3:30 : scorpionfish
    5:18 : school of ?
    5:35 : sea turtle chase
    6:19 : clownfish
    6:26 : ?

    We saw frogfish as well but batteries had run out.