Bohol News

  • Piong Falls The Unspoiled Gem In Loon Bohol That You Should Visit

    It's a rare scene to get the chance of seeing astounding creation in one place. Truly, mother nature has an infinite nature's beauty and only few people who have a brave heart and strong knee to enjoy it. Our adventure has just begun after seeing the sensational beauty of Kabantian Falls. We trek downstream once again and searching another Gem that has long been kept in the verdant forest and only those that has a strong appetite for adventure can really touch and embrace the beauty of the Piong Falls. Precisely, the odds and ends are not sundries, but rather the arduous trail have just slowly ...

  • Island Hopping And Dolphin Watching In Panglao Bohol

    Aside from the beautiful geological formation, old churches and river cruise, Bohol is also famous for its white-sand beaches. Alona Beach in Panglao Island is one of the famous places in Bohol especially for those who are looking for a sun and sea combo. White sand beaches, crystal clear water and party-all-night life are just some of the fun and lovely things that Alona has to offer. I would say that it's very much like Boracay but I find Alona's white sand much finer than Boracay's and the crowd isn't as much as Boracay. Though both islands are uniquely beautiful on their own ways and I lov ...

  • Unexpectedly Discovering The Astounding Beauty Of Kabantian Falls In Loon Bohol

    Surprises happen frequently and unexpectedly, such as finding and discovering the cloistered waterfalls in the Province of Bohol that is far from expected. How it all happened? This is what I'm dying to share.

    I went to Bohol again for the seventh times since I still have so much to visit and have stayed in a local house that I haven't met yet, but they have widely opened their house to let me stay and even have made me feel I belong to their family. Truly, kindness is sprouting to the genuine heart of those who owns it.

    Peacefully hidden in the lush scenery green forest with a name that ...

  • Road Map Gives Sharks Rays Conservation A Boost

    People who crave for exotic food find sharks and rays as special treats. The meat of these rare fish species are discreetly sold in the market, unlike the ordinary fish caught in the ocean.

    Sharks and rays are feared because of their sheer size and appearance. This, however, does not stop fishers from targeting these species because of the demand for meat and, lately, body parts, which are believed to have high medicinal properties.

    Cooked in vinegar, locally called paksiw, the demand is especially high for baby sharks. Rays are especially cooked with coconut milk, or gata, and turned in ...

  • Danaos Sea Of Clouds Attracts Tourists On Good Friday

    The Sea of Clouds offers a breathtaking sight from a kilometer-long viewing deck on top of the Laguna Hill in Barangay Concepcion, Danao in Bohol.

    The emerging tourist spot got its name because of the fog that envelopes the vast green landscape over the neighboring towns of Danao, which could be seen from the site.

    On some days, depending on the weather, the fog could be thick, resembling the sea. The best viewing time is from 5 a.m., or around sunrise, to 8 in the morning.

    Most tourists dub it is as the Mount Pulag of the Visayas. The Luzon mountain is popular for its view of a thick ...

  • Traveling Puts Us Back In Our Place

    Unlike our ancestors who viewed the world as a god that needs to be respected, the humans of today are a haughty bunch. The advancement of technology, preservation of status quo, our so-called sophistication, and contemporary lifestyle have made us arrogant, as if we are the alpha species of this planet. The gloated decision makers of Earth's fate. Those arrogant humans include us.

    But as Sheila and I traveled all over the Philippines, our perspective on ourselves as dwellers in this world drastically changed. Each lofty mountain, each vibrant reef, each rushing river, or each culture-rich ...