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  • Tour Of The Philippines Tourist Attractions Of Bohol, Cebu Chocolate Hills, Dolphins, Tarsiers

    Tour of the Philippines. Tourist attractions of Bohol. Cebu. Chocolate Hills. Dolphins. Tarsiers. Hope you like it!

  • A Grand Boholano Fiesta At Sandugo Festival 2017

    A Grand Boholano Fiesta At Sandugo Festival 2017

    It?s July and it?s that time of the year for Bohol?s biggest festival, Sandugo. The month-long festival lets both locals and tourists take part in a myriad of activities to celebrate the rich culture of Bohol. Music, art, food, sports, and beauty ? experience the best of Bohol at Sandugo Festival 2017!

    Sandugo Sports Festival

    Head on to the CPG Sports Complex this July 15-16, 9 AM and watch the best swimmers battle it out for supremacy at the Swimming Competition. Witness the action at the Dragon Boat Competition happening on July 16, 7 AM at Miramar, Dauis.

    Sandugo Night Market
    Shop ...

  • Pinoy Aquaman Makes Splash Anew In Cebu-Bohol Swim

    Pinoy Aquaman Makes Splash Anew In Cebu-Bohol Swim

    In preparation for his biggest swim in the English Channel next month, endurance swimmer and environment lawyer Ingemar ?Pinoy Aquaman? Macarine made waves anew after completing the 18.15-kilometer swim from Argao town in Cebu to Cabilao Island in Loon, Bohol Sunday afternoon.

    The feat was part of Macarine?s long swim training in preparation for the English Channel crossing next month, which would take from Dover in England to Callais in France covering a total distance of 33 kilometers.

    Macarine finished the pioneering route from Argao Port to Barangay Pantudlan, Cabilao Island in Loon ...

  • From Tiny Tarsiers To Famous Chocolate Hills

    The family arrived in Bohol and we are kicking it off in Panglao! What's on the list of over the next couple of days? Tiny Tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Okay, throw in plenty of beach time as well.

  • Must Experience Bohol, Tarsiers And Hills

    Motorbike around beautiful Bohol and experience the Tarsiers, the Manmade forest and The Chocolate Hills! First part of a series of vlogs cheap travel around the Philippines. Enjoy!

  • Exploring Exotic Bohol By Motorbike

    Exploring Exotic Bohol By Motorbike.

    We made it to Bohol and found a hostel on Panglao Island (Bohol Coco Farm). Today, we rented a motor bike and set off to explore the island! What a long day! We visited the Bohol Python, Twin Hanging Bridges, Tarsiers, the Chocolate Hills, and ended the day playing basketball with some locals on Panglao Island! Another incredible day in the Philippines!Thanks for watching! Salamat po!