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  • Travel Guide Sambawan Island Biliran

    For years, the Province of Biliran has been living in the shadow of Leyte, its parent province. It remained out of the tourists radar for such a long time until recently, when the world started to see the province's natural charm. Well, true beauty has its ways of getting itself noticed and for a place as beautiful as Biliran, it is but inevitable for the world to not notice its allure.

    Biliran is composed of two major islands – Biliran and Maripipi, and smaller islands and islets that dot its water including the famed Sambawan Island.

    Sambawan is a small uninhabited island west of the ...

  • Biliran Island Summit To Sea Adventure Mt Tres Marias To Sambawan Island

    My first major climb in Mt. Tres Marias, highest mountain in Biliran Province.

  • Visit Biliran Amazing Place Visit The Philippines

    The Amazing Biliran

    Visited four places and we barely scratched the surface as the province has tons of sites to offer. Truly amazing indeed. Love the place and definitely would be going back for another round of R&R and exploration.

  • Celebrate The Love Month By Flying To These 5 Stunning Destinations

    Picture yourself and your loved one holding hands under a starlit sky in a deserted beach while listening to the soothing sound of the waves. The usual candle lit dinners in the city seem so pedestrian all of a sudden.

    Book a flight to these amazing destinations. Spend a 3-day or a week long vacation with lots of PDA with the love of your life. It will be an experience you will treasure until both of you are old and grey.

    Camiguin Island

    3 full days in the tiny island of Camiguin will surely delight your lover's adventurous soul. From the moment you step foot on White Island to the s ...

  • Sambawan Island Scenic Hills And Rustic Beach

    Purple hues enveloped the sky as I watch over the ocean greeting the sun good morning at Sambawan Island. I am mindful of the tide's ebb and flow at the beach below, the grass swaying from the breeze, the cool air touching my skin and gently the warm light creeping in the hut where I'm seated. Such a calm morning up the highest point of the island where I have a full panoramic view of the surrounding area. The volcanic Maripipi island looms over like a big brother.

    Journey to Biliran

    Ever since my first visit last November at Tinago Falls and Canaan Hill Farms, I knew I'm only skimming t ...

  • Biliran Waterfalls Here There And Almost Everywhere

    This return trip to Biliran wouldn't be complete without even a cursory visit to even just one or two of the province's main attractions -- its waterfalls. And there are many (30 or so named with more still to be named, in an island of 500 sq kms.) Even the first-time visitor would be hard-pressed not to notice the imposing presence of the mountains intersecting the middle of the island even looking out on the capital, Naval, located on the western part fronting Leyte across the Biliran Strait. From north to south, there's 1066m Mt Panamo, 1282m Mt Tres Marias, 1106m Mt Guiausan, 1048m Mt ...