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  • Ulan-Ulan Falls Sa Biliran Itinuturing Na Tagong Yaman

    Ipinagmamalaki ng mga taga Amelria sa Biliran ang kanilang Ulan-ulan falls. Tinawag daw itong Ulan-ulan falls dahil animoy ulan ang bumabagsak sa talon.

  • Biliran In A Day Or Two Waterfalls Beaches And Memories

    Biliran is an island province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. It is one of the country's smallest and newest provinces. Formerly a sub-province of Leyte, it became an independent province in 1992. This island province of lush mountains, countless waterfalls, and pristine beaches in the east of Visayas is a hidden paradise that is slowly making its name in the Philippines.

    The waterfalls

    Biliran is surrounded by mountains which explains the province's abundant waterfalls- the number of which is not yet known. While there are over 10 waterfalls easily accessible t ...

  • Island Hopping In Biliran And Discovering The Majestic Underrated Sambawan Island

    Last March, we took a few days off from the hustle and bustle of Manila to go island hopping in Biliran, among other things.

    Like I said previously, it was tricky planning this, especially since we were on a budget. From Talahid, a boat to Sambawan Island alone costs P3500, and this seems to be the price range from Kawayan Port as well. I'd hate to imagine how much we'd have to spend if we wanted to visit the rest of the islands in Biliran.

    But the Universe is generous and all-giving.

    Day tour for island hopping in Biliran

    Lucky for us, we found a joiner day tour, which costs P1699 ...

  • Chasing Nature Waterfalls In Biliran

    Fun fact: It is a small province, but you can find a total of 30 waterfalls in Biliran. Only several of them are visited by tourists, and you can see most in a whole day. I think this means that the rest are either too small or undeveloped.

    I'm not a waterfalls person to be honest. I'm not into long treks or cool water. Instead, I prefer hot springs and beaches. Hali is though, and he was happy with our day tour here.

    As far as I know, the most famous waterfalls in Biliran are Tinago Falls in Caibiran and Ulan-Ulan Falls in Almeria.

    Ulan-Ulan Falls, Almeria

    Ulan-Ulan Falls is the m ...

  • Biliran Town Upbeat Of Higatangan Islands Future As Tourist Haven

    The local government here is eyeing more tourists to visit picturesque Higatangan Island this year with intensified promotion in a bid to make it one of the region's top destinations.

    Naval Mayor Gerard Espina voiced this optimism days after the first Higatangan Summer Festival, which had drawn about 4,000 visitors to the island with white beaches and exotic rock formations.

    The island is also blessed with long stretch of coral sandbar, lagoon, a cave near the shoreline, an ideal site for sunrise watching, and a watch tower.

    "The festival is a litmus test for our tourism and investmen ...

  • Travel Guide To Biliran And Cuatro Islas In Leyte

    Now here's the technical part of our trip in Leyte: a travel guide to Sambawan Island in Biliran and Cuatro Islas in southern Leyte. I hope you weren't totally discouraged with what I wrote last time and have a better time than we did.

    Exploring Biliran and Cuatro Islas in 4-5 days is actually a stretch. I know it's common for local backpackers to move around a lot in order to see as many places as possible. Still, I'll have to agree with others I've talked with that it's better to do a separate trip each for Biliran and Leyte.

    In its own way, I did enjoy Biliran. If I were to do this ag ...