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  • IP Education Starts At Home

    Indigenous customs and traditions passed on to us by our ancestors were treasured, nurtured and taught to them and our old folks, in turn, painstakingly transmitted to us such practices for us to be able to do the same for the future generations of indigenous peoples (IPs) in our midst. One of the age-old and time-honored ways of teaching the youth about our rich culture and traditions is through the regular interaction of the family members with their children. Everything starts at home.

    Several years ago, the government introduced indigenous peoples education to the country's educational ...

  • Balili Clean Up Education Campaign Seen To Revive River

    Clean-ups education and information campaigns, local legislative action, and researches are slated this year to keep the Balili River cleaner than ever.

    The plan was discussed during the Balili river technical working group of the Water Quality Management (WQMA) meeting recently. A research proposal on phytoremediation was also presented and critiqued before implementation.

    A research proposal on phytoremediation was also presented and critiqued before implementation.

    Patterned after observed capacity of plants with aesthetic value yet indigenous grasses and reed plants to absorb and ...

  • Mount Ugo Benguet Ft Kace

    Mt. Ugo Traverse a guide to your first major climb.

  • Glance To Our Short Trip During Panagbenga Festival

    Upon checking my facebook page today, I realized I never made a blog post yet for our short trip during last February's Panagbenga Festival, so to account our little spree with Baguio Flower Festival I wrote this one. Its better late than never right?

    Our eagerness to experience the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City just started last year when I and Flori read post updates about the upcoming festival. We were so excited…until the actual day didn't met our expectations. Yes, Pity us! We had planned to wake up early, dress up and show up happy for the float parade but unluckily we didn't m ...

  • Visiting The Timbak Burial Caves In Kabayan Benguet

    It took us no longer than 30 minutes from Mt. Timbak to the drop off site of Timbak Burial Caves. We got us a guide to show the way around. Likewise, it is also their function to keep the caves secured and undefiled. There were reported incidents of looting and vandalism and that is why each visitor must be registered.

    Going to the Burial Caves

    We followed the concrete stairs on our way down. The perimeter is fenced to protect the caves from possible animal attacks as well as to deter intruders. We were reminded to avoid shouting or make loud noises.

    We walked for around 15 minutes be ...

  • Mt Ulap Itogon Benguet New Year Hike Gungal Rock Traverse To Brgy Sta Fe

    I know many have blogged and shared on social media their experience in Mt. Ulap. But as each experience is different, here's mine. It was special because it was my first hike this year 2017, January 2 to be exact, and extra- special because I hiked with a special someone. Naks! The weather was perfect and I celebrated new year's eve in Baguio so I didn't feel the stress of going here. Based on photos one might think that this mountain is in the middle of nowhere. Wrong! It is actually only 45 minutes away from Baguio City. Cool ayt? As cool as the weather here so hiking was a breeze.

    How T ...