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  • Mt Pigingan One Of The Most Beautiful Mountains In Benguet

    It was going to be the birthday of Casimir and I was sure she would ask for a "birthday climb"!! Up to now, I really don't know how I evolved to be a sort of a climb event planner but gladly, I became. hahahaha!

    So I thought that if it's going to be a birthday climb, the mountain should be birthday-climb friendly. Meaning, it should be a gorgeous mountain, promising of some reward, and of course, instagrammable and facebookable memories hahaha!

    Still traumatized from our stormy & limatiky July Tenglawan climb, I had to mentally approach September as a worse month. Typhoons Ferdie and ...

  • Off To See The Bundoks

    In Filipino "Bundok" literally means "mountain", and definitely one of the most popular mountain getaways for Metro Manila folks is Baguio, in Benguet province.

    Last July, towards the end of my long intersession holiday, Adri and I were able to fit in a quick trip to Baguio. The goal? To see the recently promoted Bundok Flycatcher. Previously considered as a set of endemic subspecies of the resident Snowy-browed Flycatcher, it has been recently upgraded to full species status.

    And so, hoping for good weather in rainy July, we were off to see the Bundok (the bird, not the mountain thoug ...

  • Journeyed To Mount Ulap

    Arch Peeps goes to Mount Ulap located in the municipality of Itogon, Benguet.

    (Please forgive the shakiness of the video.)

  • Heres The Best Way To Spend This Weekend In Baguio City

    More than 7,000 islands and with all kinds of water and land-forms, the Philippines has a million things to offer to those who wander through it. Some Philippine locations have only recently gained popularity while others have long become a favorite destination. Baguio City is the latter. Known as The Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City has witnessed tourists flocking to this plateau nestled in the mountains of the Cordilleras for several decades.

    From becoming a Spanish settlement, to serving as a mining camp turned rest and recreational facility during the American occupation, ...

  • Mount Ugo Traverse

    Mount Ugo Traverse located in Itogon, Benguet.

  • The Majestic Tekip Falls In Bakun Benguet

    The majestic Tekip Falls located in the municipality of Bakun, Benguet province.