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  • Where The Pygmy Seahorse And Wonderpus Play

    My fascination for sea creatures started when I was young. I saw my first bow-riding dolphin somewhere in the Visayas Sea, when my family would travel between provinces by ferry to visit relatives.

    In my ancestral hometown of Bohol, I learned why jellyfish should be avoided while snorkeling in a nearby wharf or pantalan.

    I spotted my first pipe horse nestled within the pier's rocky walls.

    But it was not until 15 years later, in Anilao, where I would begin my love affair with the ocean. I took up scuba diving lessons.

    Anilao is a barangay in the municipality of Mabini in Batangas, b ...

  • Nasugbus Pride The Breathtaking Mount Batulao

    We departed from Cubao via San Agustin liner around 11 PM which we can say was a very bad idea considering that our travel time was just about 3 hours. We were planning to climb the mountain before sunrise thinking of bypassing the Manila-Cavite traffic congestion but it was just way too early.

    We arrived at Evercrest (KC Hillcrest Hotel & Golf Club) at 2 in the morning without knowing that tricycles going to the jump-off point only show up at around 4 AM. The moment we alighted the bus, we were literally the only ones in there. Imagine standing there alone in the middle of the night, with ...

  • Day Trips From Taal Heritage Town

    Taal Town or famously known as Taal Heritage Town is a third class municipality of Batangas Philippines. It is famous for its old ancestral houses that was built more or less than hundred years ago and is one of the most historical places in the Philippines. It is the home town of many notable personalities who supported the revolution against the settler colonies in the country.

    Being a history fan boy, I was really surprised to learn about this historical town of Taal or also known as the Taal Heritage Town. It is considered as a heritage landmark by the National Historical Institute – ...

  • Mt Maculot Cuenca Batangas Dayhike

    Mountain Name: Mt. Maculot or Mt. Macolod
    Location: Cuenca, Batangas
    Height: Summit (930 Masl). Rockies (706 Masl)
    Difficulty: 4/9
    Trail Class: 1-3
    Guide: Mandatory/Required

    Mt. Maculot is one of the several scenic mountains surrounding the province of Batangas and undeniably one where Taal Lake is most beautiful to be seen from. She has been a mystery to many for a very long time as talks about it being enchanted has spread quite frantically among locals instilling both fear and curiosity among visiting mountain enthusiasts. While several deaths in this mountain have been recorded in ...

  • SF Bay Area Philippine Organizations Hold Book Launch Talk On Protecting Verde Island Passage In The Philippines

    There is nothing more magical than taking a child into the water with a mask to see the world under." This is how Dr. Terrence Gosliner, senior curator of Invertebrate Zoology of the California Academy of Sciences, vividly describes the amazing, colorful life underwater at the recent well-attended book launch of "Hotspot, Cool Country: Biodiversity in the Philippines" by Filipino American author Almira Astudillo Gilles.

    The event, hosted at the Social Hall of the Philippine Center in San Francisco, was supported by the Philippine American Writers and Artists (PAWA), Inc./Filipino American B ...

  • The Six Fix Off The Beaten Path Destinations You Need To Explore Now

    Are you up for a brand new adventure that doesn't involve lots of tourists or friends telling you, "Yes, I've been there!" stories? The answer: Go to these hidden gems and surprise yourself with the beauty of non-mainstream destinations that will make you feel more proud that you're living in the Philippines!

    1. Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas. No need to fly all the way to Greece to see the majestic temple ruins of the gods! Fortune Island will transport you to a paradise that looks miles away from our islands.

    How to get there: Ride a bus going to Nasugbu, take a tricycle ride to the ...