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  • Five Provinces And National Agencies Join Forces To Protect And Conserve The Verde Island Passage

    Five provinces along the Verde Island Passage and national agencies today committed to a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will strengthen the protection and management of what is considered as the global epicenter of marine shorefish biodiversity.

    The MOA establishes the Verde Island Passage (VIP) Marine Protected Area Network (MPAN) and Law Enforcement Network (LEN) which will ensure the protection and conservation of the VIP. These networks enable the national agencies and local government units to work together to conserve, protect, improve, and manage the coastal and marine environmen ...

  • Mount Daguldol A Summit To Sea Experience

    Itching to hike on a busy work week. me and my friend went a on summit to sea adventure to the coastal part of San Juan, Batangas and hiked the not so popular peak of Mt. Daguldol in Brgy. Hugom. It's a two to three hours travel from Manila with various transfers to different types of vehicles.

    We rode a bus bound to San Juan, Batangas from Alps Bus Terminal Buendia station. On a weekend, they usually leave at around 3AM but because it's at the middle of the work week, there are few passengers going to San Juan so the bus left the station at 4AM. It's a 2-hour bus ride from Buendia to San J ...

  • Masasa Beach An Island Off The Beaten Path In Tingloy Batangas

    There is a not-so-far-away beach paradise located only 3-hours away from Manila named Masasa Beach. The recently uncovered treasure is situated in a fish-shaped island named Tingloy, the only municipality in Batangas that is not part of mainland Luzon.

    During its earlier years, Masasa Beach was an untouched island with no convenient source of food and shelter available for visitors. But this hidden paradise didn't stay hidden for long. It gained fame for its pristine clear seas and soon enough, the local tourism brought thriving business opportunities to what used to be a dormant town.

    L ...

  • Mt Gulugod Baboy Dayhike

    As trekking and hiking become popular to the millenials, some of the companies created trekking and hiking clubs for employees to enjoy and socialize. Last month, our company trekking club hiked to Mt. Gulugod Baboy which is located in southern Batangas, specifically in Anilao where most scuba diving activities are done. It is actually a well-known diving site in the country and Mt. Gulugod Baboy is a famous side trip.


    Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
    Jump-off point: Philpan Dive Resort, Anilao, Mabini
    LLA: 13°42'55″N; 120°53'43″E; 525 MASL
    Days req ...

  • Spring Break In The Philippines Taal Volcano And Tiny Horses

    Recently my daughter and I flew to Manila  to meet up with my husband, Chris.  He was there on an all too frequent business trip and my daughter was on spring break.  Seemed like a good way to burn some airline miles!

    After a 26 hour journey, we arrived on a Wednesday night and dragged our tired bodies to our hotel in Alabang, which is an area south of Manila. While Chris was working, we explored the area for a couple of days, then we all caught a plane for a 6 day visit to Busuanga Island in the very northern part of Palawan province.

    The first day, before jet lag took hold, we m ...

  • This Secret Spot In Batangas Is What You Need this Summer

    Batangas is one of the go-to easy escapes for Manila dwellers. That's probably why its beaches, like Matabungkay and Calatagan, are always jam-packed. But just because you want a quick getaway doesn't mean you have to endure the crowd, especially when there's still an undiscovered town waiting to be enjoyed. Case in point: Lobo, Batangas.

    Sitting between Batangas City and San Juan, this coast town is a quiet gem filled with surprises. If you're a nature lover and an avid explorer, check out Lobo, Batangas while you can still have it all to yourself.

    Dive in untouched reefs

    Lobo, Batan ...