Batangas News

  • Punta Fuego Holds 6th Annual Turtle Run

    Gerald Ambayec ruled the 5K Men's Open while Ma. Carmencita Obmina-Muaña won in the women's side in the Punta Fuego sixth Annual Turtle Run held to raise funds for Punta Fuego Foundation's Save the Oceans Environmental Program.

    Ambayec won the 5K men's run in 21 minutes, 14 seconds, while Muaña did it in 29 minutes flat. They each received medals and prizes.

    The Chua family, headed by Foundation's CEO Dr. Noel Chua, received the Running Family award for the third consecutive year for having 17 participants in various race categories. The Most Persevering Runner award was given to Dorot ...

  • Sea Turtles Find A Haven In Hamilo Coast

    A haven for sea turtles is located only 90 minutes away from the bustling Metro Manila cityscape. SM's premiere ecotourism development Costa del Hamilo combines comfortable urban living with nature and adventure, giving guests the chance to see a miracle of life – sea turtles hatching only a few steps away from their rooms.

    Exactly 46 Olive Ridley hatchlings emerged from their nest on the morning of February 5, 2017. Lucky guests were able to witness the hatchlings rush their way across the sand and into the sea. WWF-Philippines representatives, President and CEO Joel Palma as well as Cos ...

  • Bike Ride To Lobo The Gateway Of The Worlds Center Of Marine Biodiversity

    Four days prior to Holy Week, I asked my son Karlos if he would like to go on a long bike ride somewhere in Batangas. We are both mountain bike (MTB) enthusiasts, and whenever we had a chance, long bike rides have been a form of father-son bonding for us.

    One of our most memorable long rides was last December 26, 2016, while Typhoon Nina whipped Southern Luzon. In the midst of stormy winds and heavy rains, we encircled Taal Lake on our bikes for about nine hours, covering 130 kilometers. It was a thrilling and dangerous ride. Karlos said after the ride: "On hindsight, riding your bike in a ...

  • Layag-Layag Beach Batangas Philippines

    Layag-Layag Beach is located in Brgy. Papaya in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is a new tourist destination for beach goers because of its proximity to Manila. In fact, it's few hours' drive away from Manila, and half an hour boat ride from Brgy.

  • Masasa Beach Simplicity That Capture Ones Heart

    Masasa Beach is situated in San Juan, Tingloy Island, Province of Batangas. Roughly 2-hours drive from Alabang, Muntinlupa via SLEX-Star Tollway to Anilao port and another 1.5-hour boat and tricycle ride from Anilao port to Masasa beach. Pay parking guarded 24 hours is available in Anilao port for your vehicle..

    The beach is a perfect getaway this hot summer to experience soothing effect of it's calm pristine water and watch colorful fishes swimming around.

    The sand, the water, the rock formation, the lagoon, are all lovely. The simplicity of this capture's my heart. However, the only o ...

  • Fortune Island With A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    Summer has arrived, and to quench our thirst for cool and refreshing views, my friends, who were celebrating their anniversary at work, asked me to plan for a trip to Fortune Island. The wanderlust in me sparkled like the saltwater in the ocean, especially since this place has been in my bucket list for a few months already!

    Fortune Island, located in Nasugbu, Batangas, is filled with Grecian architecture including the pillars and sculptures of ancient gods and mythical creatures of Greek Mythology.

    Brief history

    The island was previously owned by the former Batangas Governor Jose Ant ...