Batanes News

  • How I Fell In Love With Batanes

    You will fall in love with Batanes and it will be very hard to leave. That is a fact. My mom, sister and I went to Batanes way back 2014. And because I'm new to blogging, only now will I be able to share my Batanes experience.

    We were lucky to know someone from Basco, Dr. Roel Nicolas, to whom we are very grateful for letting us see Batanes in his perspective. And true enough, we fell in love with the island as he was for more than 50 years. Batanes is a group of 10 islands, only 3 of which is inhabited — namely Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat. Each island offering something different and uniq ...

  • Batanes Trip Day 2 Sabtang Tour

    Hello everyone! Second day in Batanes, we had a wake up call at 5:00am, had breakfast then a ride to Ivana Port. We caught the 6:40am ferry crossing to Sabtang. The faluwa is a large boat with a U-shaped body and no outrigger (katig). The faluwa ride to Sabtang Island was another half hour. It was a rough ride, the open sea was the connection of the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. I made it, well, sort of. I'm not really good with boats, I always say.

    We arrived in Sabtang Port and had to register at the Municipal Tourism Office. Then we rode all day to 3 towns of Sabtang, which were ...

  • Dios Mamajes Batanes

    Pilipinas like you've never seen before! Batanes will give you a surreal vibe of how this country is blessed with such natural beauty. A must visit!

    Travelling to this gem may cost you a fortune as there are currently limited airlines (Philippine Airlines or SkyJet Airlines) that offers flight to this town.

    TIP: Plan your trip months ahead and be on a look out for seat sales to cut down your expenses.. OR if you are already in the northern part of Luzon, you may opt to travel from Tuguegarao via a smaller aircraft or boat. (NorthSky Air)

    This was our annual family trip c/o my awesome ...

  • Breathtaking Batanes

    Every Filipino traveler's dream is to go to this place for reasons I do not know. I am a beach person I said to myself and this one is not in my bucket list. However, Franz is dying to see this so I did the best that I could for us to book a ticket. And it all starts there. Batanes….

    If I will be asked of one word to describe this place, I cant. I was lost for words and all we knew is we were crying seeing creations like these.

    Well I' m not going to provide all the facts about this province since you can easily google it but we'll share our do it yourself itinerary to help you guys pl ...

  • Will You Marry Me You Cant Say No In Batanes

    Batanes, the smallest province in the Philippines, with a population of more than 17,000, is an off-the-track destination for most people.

    It is almost like going to Hong Kong, with its pricey airfare. Our group of 15 planned a Batanes trip for early this year, a good time because the weather was at its coldest.

    We were blessed with a glorious 14-degree temperature, with northerly winds that occasionally caused it to dip a bit further. In this kind of cold, who would want to leave the island?

    And so, at 3 a.m., we all woke up each other to catch the 6 a.m. flight to Batanes, the only ...

  • Sundown In Sabtang

    I have seen it. With my two naked eyes. As the late afternoon sun carpeted the green with its soft golden rays. Slowly. Beautifully. There. In a place beyond compare.

    I guess nothing can be as poetic on that one lazy sunset hour of November 2014 in Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint. Aaah Batanes! You never cease to impress me! Raw. Rugged. Idyllic.

    Situated in the island municipality of Sabtang, less than an hour of faluwa ride from Ivana in the main island of Batan, Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint offers a panoramic view of Chamantad Cove and the rolling hills of the villages of Tinyan, all in the ...