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  • Itbayat The Northern Frontier

    Torongan Cave
    Santa Lucia (Kauhauhasan), Itbayat, Batanes

    There are too many monickers given to Batanes. Some call it as "The Home of the Howling Winds", others hailed it as "The Land of Ivatans", "The Highway of the Storms" or "The Land of True Insulares". But there is another name that best describes the province – "The Northernmost Frontier".

    Situated in between Balintang and Bashi Channels, Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines. It is composed of ten islands and islets that are scattered on the roaring water that separates the mainland Luzon and Taiwan. Of the te ...

  • German Govt Turns Over Protected Area Management Plan To Batanes

    Saying the Philippines and Germany "share a commitment to preserve our planet for future generations," German Deputy Ambassador to the Philippines Michael Hasper formally turned over an environmental management plan to the Batanes provincial government during a three-day visit here that culminated on Wednesday (May 17).

    The Updated Batanes Protected Landscape and Seascape (BPLS) Management Plan for 2017 was the outcome of a joint German-PH project to enhance the management of 60 protected areas and establish a hundred more "terrestrial or marine protected areas."

    Hasper said the BPLS man ...

  • Press Play Batanes

    Batanes, dubbed as the final frontier of the Northern Philippines offers breathtaking scenery from the green and blue hues of the oceans to the high and lows of its mountains. You will be surprised that this wonderful gem is from the Islands of the Philippines.

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  • Batanes Day 2 South Batan Tour

    Day 2 of our Batanes trip.

    Woke up around 5:30 am, took a bath and had breakfast. Kuya Pete, our tour guide did picked us up around 8 am then head straight to South Batan.

    First stop is at Chawa Deck View. The deck faces the spectacular view of the West Philippines Sea.

    Next stop is the Mahatao Boat Shelter Port. This serves as a shelter for boats during windy and stormy season. Next is the Mahatao Old Church.

    Somewhere… lol… I think I took this photo while we were heading to.

    Next is the Marlboro Country, this place is so amazing! It is quite steep but bearable for a per ...

  • Sabtang In Batanes Our Own Undiscovered Shangri-La

    The Philippines has its own version of Shangri-la in the northernmost group of islands known collectively
    as Batanes.

    With a unique landscape that some might compare to the Highlands of Scotland and the rolling green hills of Ireland, these islands are populated by the Ivatan native people (numbering some 14,000 and protected by the Indigenous People Act of 1997).

    Batanes is a stunning land studded with a particular architectural style of solid limestone-and-coral buildings reminiscent of Galicia in Northern Spain, except that they have Asian thatch roofs and are particularly sited and ...

  • Rebirth Of Batanes Fishing Grounds

    The military will sustain its maritime patrol in the country's northern waters, as local government officials and fishermen in Batanes note a marked decline in the incursion of foreign poachers in the area.

    The air and sea patrols by the Air Force and the Navy, and even by the Philippine Coast Guard, were being conducted both for territorial operations and for the government's effort to provide a fishing haven for Filipino fishermen.

    No less than Batanes Governor Marilou H. Cayco has relayed to Armed Forces Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom) commander Lt. Gen. Romeo Tanalgo the benefits to ...