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  • Benham Rise Is Now Philippine Rise And A Protected Food Supply Zone- Pinol

    The government asserts the country's sovereign rights over Benham Rise by renaming it "Philippine Rise."

    Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol, the highest-ranking government official so far to visit the area, on Thursday said President Rodrigo Duterte had approved the name change in a Cabinet meeting on May 8.

    Philippine Rise is a 13-million hectare undersea plateau that lies 216 km (135 miles) east of coast of Aurora province. The territory is wider than the island of Luzon.

    Duterte has designated the area as a "protected food supply exclusive zone," Piñol said.

    Mining and oil expl ...

  • Waves Of Aurora Philippines

    So uhm our family took advantage of long weekend last week April 28, 29, and 30. because my brother have school that is the free time of mah kuya bc their last day is on last week of may. Busy of that long weekend, many families took advantage of it too!!! all hotels are booked but luckily we found one! the hotel's still under construction and unknown actually it is not an actual hotel, bc we stayed in small kubo (nipa hut) and rented a tent but it was ok tho and it was memorable because we had fun, it is my first time sleeping on a tent (it is so hoooooooot AF) and had a looooooooong road tri ...

  • Baler Surfer Breaks Barriers Despite Disability

    Harry Marzan, a 30-year-old surfer in Baler town in Aurora province, carefully paddled a few meters toward the beach break. He bobbed on the water in his swimming shorts and rashguard until a good wave showed up.

    Fo Marzan, the first sight of the wave always served as an invitation. He dropped in, took off, and then rode the pretty barrel of wave along the coast of Sabang Beach in Baler, dancing with the ocean as if he were part of it.

    Marzan clearly stood out among the hundreds of novice and seasoned surfers at the beach. But it was not only because of his close-to-perfect ride. He mana ...

  • Sand And Stars Resort Dinadiawan Beach

    At first, we were looking for a beach which is not too crowded, we tried checking some blog sites, thereafter, upon reviewing the different beaches from the said blog sites, I have seen that the Sand and Stars Resort has the best review so far, as such, since we also want to experience glamping and outdoor bonding, we tried to study about how to travel to Aurora province going to the said resort.

    The place is really stunning, adding to it the location of the resort where you can witness the sunrise and the sunset as it was in middle of the mountains. It gives a feeling of being isolated for ...

  • Road Trip To Ditumabo Falls Aurora Philippines Adventure Vlog

    New travel vlog is here! Had a road trip to the beautiful Ditumabo Mother Falls in Aurora Province, Baler in the Philippines. It was the biggest waterfall I've ever seen and I loved the peaceful nature surrounding me.

  • Baler Aurora Travel Guide

    For years, I've had it on my bucket list to visit Baler, Aurora. The only thing that really stopped me was that I used to think it's too far up in the north like Pagudpud, Ilocos. What convinced me to make the trip? There was a span of time when my feed was being flooded with photos of my friends who've been to Baler. That's when I finally made up my mind. It's time to go. Besides, it's been too long since my friend, Ate Kwin, invited me to her province. Baler unquestionably deserves a place on your list of go-to places to satisfy your beach cravings this summer.