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  • Baler Trip 2016

    Baler Trip September 2016 - Surfing in Sabang Beach Baler, Aurora.

    Film by Tristan Castañeda
    Shot with Canon EOS700d, Gopro Hero 1, and Phantom 4
    Drone courtesy of Sara Castañeda
    Special thanks to Daniel, Anicka, tito Cons and tita Deedee

  • Protecting Mt Mingan As Bird Guides

    Forest protection can also mean employment opportunity, especially for direct forest-dependents like our indigenous peoples (IPs) who consider the forest their ancestral domain.

    The Dumagat or Dumagat Agta are IPs who reside in the province of Nueva Ecija, where Mt. Mingan in Gabaldon hosts the country's pride and national bird, the Haring Ibon since its rediscovery in 2014 by Haribon Foundation's research team (one named as Gab-e or Gabaldon Eagle).

    Indeed, Mt. Mingan has flourishing biodiversity, which is the reason why a prime raptor like the Haring Ibon chooses this mountain as its h ...

  • French Explorer To Philippines Protect Benham Rise

    The granddaughter of legendary undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, Alexandra, highlighted in her recent visit to Manila the need to protect natural legacy by restoring the grandeur of the ocean and protecting the country's newest territory, Benham Rise, an underwater plateau north of Luzon.

    "When we understand that by protecting and restoring the ocean, we protect and restore our livelihood, our prosperity, our health, our happiness and most importantly the natural legacy that we want to leave to our children," Cousteau said at a Kapihan sa Isla Forum on Benham Expedition held over the week ...

  • Baler Travel Guide Itinerary And Expenses Summary

    It took us five hours to cross miles of flooded and jampacked Manila streets and travel through kilometers of zigzag, uphill roads just to reach the beach town of Baler, Aurora.

    Day before the trip, I was starting to think that it wouldn't push through because of the terrible Manila weather. We had a hard time finding a taxi that we thought we wouldn't make it to our meetup time in Quezon City. Alas, our Baler roadtrip commenced, and it was a pretty exciting weekend.

    You can skip to the end of this post and see my Baler travel guide, complete with itinerary and summary of expenses. But y ...

  • Creepy Balete Tree Of Maria Aurora

    When people say balete, first impressions come to mind are frightening, spooky, and mysterious. It's often associated to urban legends, Filipino folklore, and horror stories. That's why when we learned that one of Tupang Gala's sidetrips in Aurora is a balete, I don't know if I should be more excited or afraid. When we started our 4-kilometer ride from Ma. Aurora, the atmosphere was kind of eerie as we looked up the gigantic trees along the road.

    Upon arriving on a small barangay of Quirino, a ginormous tree startled but at the same time amazed us. Part of Balete Park, it is open to the pub ...

  • Drone Footage Of Casapsapan Beach

    8-9hr trip via Aurora National Park. The Drone Footage of Casapsapan Beach located in the municipality of Casiguran, Aurora, Philippines.