Apayao News

  • Adventure At Apayao Marag Rock Formation

    When I saw the Rock Formation during my research in Marag, Apayao, I told myself that by any means I will be visiting this place. I have a fear with rock formation after our hike at Sipit Ulang, but since this is just plain rock formation, this won't hurt that bad. I am so excited that even when we arrive at the hotel for around 4:30 in the morning I wake up so early for we have a long day waiting for us. I am really excited because adventures awaits and I am just so hype that time.

    But unlike in Abra, where we got so much little time, here in Apayao we had the weather not in favor with us. ...

  • Pinol Pushes Apayao As Agro-tourism Site

    The Department of Agriculture (DA) is seeking to intensify agriculture in Apayao by encouraging local officials to come up with provincial ordinances to transform the province into an agro-tourism site.

    Speaking in front of local executives, municipal agriculturists, farmers' and fisherfolk's association leaders, DA Secretary Manny PiƱol presented the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) program, which aims to develop the food production potential of an area.

    Under SAAD, DA will focus on top 10 marginalized priority provinces, in line with President Rodrigo Duterte's thrust ...

  • Single Philippines Island Home To Greatest Collection Of Unique Mammal Species

    A single island in the Philippines contains the world's greatest collection of unique mammal species, scientists have discovered. Of 56 non-flying mammals now known to live on Luzon island, 52 are found nowhere else on Earth.

    Researchers only realised the importance of Luzon after identifying 28 new species there during a 15-year study.

    They include four kinds of tiny tree mice with whiskers so long they almost reach their ankles. Five other mouse species look like shrews and feed chiefly on earthworms.

    Nineteen of the new species have been formally described in scientific journals, a ...

  • Travel Diary Lussok Cave In Apayao

    Last May, I told one of my friends that I have few days left before going back to uni. He asked me what I want to do or where I want to go so that we can spend the rest of my summer break doing something memorable. That's when we thought of going to Lussok Cave in a nearby province called Apayao. We immediately texted our other friends and that started our getaway.

    Lussok Cave is situated in Apayao. The place is not that yet known to many but a lot of people who visit the place are from nearby towns and cities.

    The tour inside the cave was actually nice, the tour guide was funny and it d ...

  • Apayao Manacota Underground River

    The Manacota Underground river is located in Marag Valley, Apayao.

    Upon going to the underground river, you need to pass through the Manacota River itself for like 30-mins to 1 hr.

    And of course you need to ride a boat upon entering the cave because the water is deep. It's really cold inside the cave, and you really need a lot of flashlights for you to be able to see it's beauty inside.

    And as you can see the water is really clean. And because it's water is continuously running, you might get taken away by it's currents. So always be careful!

    We didn't explore the caves inside beca ...

  • Mount Sicapoo Climb 2016

    Solsona is not a new place to me since I grew up in Ilocos Norte, but I have never heard of Mount Sicapoo despite the many times I have seen the mountain ranges there. The first time I heard about Mount Sicapoo, I placed it in my bucket list and it took me several years after I could tic it off.

    I decided to drive to Solsona, Ilocos Norte with Leo, Dorothy, Jayson and Mark last March 17, 2016. We took it slow with a side trip in Vigan Ilocos Sur, which allowed us to eat some local treats and buy some local products.

    Passing by the winding roads of Pinili towards Nueva Era and Marcos was ...