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  • Mararison Island Culasi Antique PH

    Mararison Island, also known as Malalison for tourist, is a small beach destination in Culasi, Antique. It is sometimes called as Little Batanes due to its similarity with the famous Batanes. Just 2 hours away from Boracay.

    A 55-hectare island which offers totally laid back and disconnected life from social media and night out parties. Accessible by a 15 minute boat ride from the mainland coast of Culasi.

    We went straight here from our Islas de Gigantes Trip. <- Click for the link of Gigantes trip.

    Yes, from North to South, I don't know why we're fond of doing that. So that means we ...

  • Palarong Pambansa 2017 Promotes Clean And Green Environment

    The Department of Education will give four awards – the Most Disciplined Delegation, the Most Organized Delegation, the Best Billeting Center and the Cleanest, Greenest and Eco-friendliest delegation.

    While the pressure is on for clinching medals in the Palarong Pambansa 2017, there is another special tournament that doesn't involve tedious training or battling in the hardcourt.

    This competition highly encourages expressing creativity, unity, and teamwork for the environment—the Search for Clean, Green & Eco-friendly 2017 Palarong Pambansa.

    "This is something we do to remind our d ...

  • Rediscover A Cultural Treasure Antiques Rice Terraces

    Travel-Deep down the the mountains of the town San Remigio in the province of Antique is where can be found the well-preserved rice terraces of the Iraynon-Bukidnon.

    In the report of the Inquirer Net, along the 600 hectares land is where the indigenous group, Iraynon-Bukidnon, preserved a mass of rice terraces which is now recognized as a cultural treasure.

    According to the report, the said cultural treasure was discovered by a member of the faculty of University of the Philippines-Visayas, who is also a co-founder of the Panay Bird Club.

    The faculty member's name is Emmanuel Lerona. ...

  • Mararison Island Adventure

    Now let's go back to the Philippines. Our next stop is Iloilo with my friend, Ai. We always planned to go out of town and so when we spotted a Cebu Pacific promo we just grabbed it. We wanted to go to a lot of cities but we decided to go to Iloilo since we both haven't been there yet.

    When preparing our itinerary, one of our friends who was supposed to join us told us to go to Mararison Island which is a 4-5hr drive from Iloilo City. We discovered when we got there that it is actually closer and faster if you're coming from Kalibo or Boracay which was a wrong move for us but we never knew w ...

  • 4 Philippine Destinations That Didnt Live Up To The Hype

    After traveling for 2-3 years in various places in the country, I've compiled my own list of Philippine destinations that didn't live up to the hype.

    I'd been meaning to write about this for a long time but didn't because I didn't want to offend anyone (*cough* tourism offices) and also because I felt guilty about not enjoying myself as much as I would expect to. I know that's a funny thing to worry about, but hey, try to live in the Philippines where people will cry war at any opinion that's less than all praise and glory.

    In my experience, expectations play a big role on how we react. ...

  • POs Vow To Protect Greening Sites Sans Funding

    Even without funding support, 15 people's organizations (POs) in Antique promised to protect National Greening Program (NGP) sites from forest fires and stray or wild animals.

    The POs signed "Letters of Agreement for the Maintenance and Protection of NGP for CY 2017" with the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Belison to formalize their pledge.

    The agreement stated that the POs will support the program even though maintenance funds are no longer available.

    "Such big support from our POs is a laudable thing," said Regional Director Jim O Sampulna of the Environm ...