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  • Antique On The Rise Malalison And Seco Islands

    Malalison and Seco islands, both located in Antique province, used to be off-beat tracks. Now they're starting to attract public attention, Malalison Island with its rolling hills and Seco Island with its sandbar surrounded by clear waters.

    Malalison Island: A small community in a picturesque island

    From the port in Culasi, it took us about 15-20 minutes to reach Malalison Island. The island didn't seem impressive at first (the view is better on the back of the island where you can clearly see the rolling hills), but I was awed by the aquamarine water on the beach at the right end of the ...

  • The Breathtaking View Of Antique Rice Terraces

    Antique Pentalogy Climb.

    A cultural treasure spread across 600 hectares of land in forms of rice terraces well preserved by a group of villagers called Iraynon-Bukidnon.

  • A Day In The Life Of Filipino Fishermen Their Battle Begins Even Before We Open Our Eyes

    Ever wonder how the day starts for our local fishermen?

    The fishermen of Tibiao, Antique, as early as 5:00 in the morning, are already paddling their way in vast darkness of the open sea before the sun greets them. They patiently wait until they have enough "catch of the day."

    Lambaklad is a fishing method that uses a fixed huge fish trap laid down in a deep portion of the sea to collect migratory fishes passing through the western border of Cuyo East Pass. Tibiao has good fishing grounds, and the town's waters are believed to serve as the highway of migratory fishes like sailfish, mack ...

  • Experience Antique Guide To 7 Adventures From The Mountains To The Sea

    Where can you find the Hidden Rice Terraces, see the Rafflesia flower in bloom, go whitewater river kayaking, and more? Here's why you need to visit Antique soon.

    The province of Antique has often been eclipsed by its more popular neighbors. When tourists go to Panay Island, they would inevitably choose Aklan for the beaches, Iloilo for the churches, and Capiz for the seafood (and the largest church bell in Asia).

    What most tourists don't know is that there are many things to do in Antique; nature lovers can spend days there basking in pristine beaches and less populated tourist spots ...

  • Culasi Antique Take Time To Unwind And Get Away From It All

    The province of Antique has many wonders to look forward to. One of them is Culasi, a third-class municipality, which is 92 km north of San Jose de Buenavista, the province's capital. It is also 90 km south of Kalibo, the capital of Aklan.

    Brief History

    The municipality of Culasi was known as 'Bacong' in the Spanish era. This was once part of the four vistas or towns built by the Spaniards. The term Culasi has been derived from the vernacular term for Lumnitzera racemose, a species of mangrove, growing abundantly along the river basin of the vicinity. The Culasinhon or the locals depend ...

  • Ultimate Guide To Visiting The Seco Island In Tibiao Antique Philippines

    The uninhabited Seco Island is considered as a crown jewel of the province of Antique in the Philippines, with 1.5 kilometers stretch of sand and crystal clear shallow waters. Specifically part of barangay Tibiao, this island is now dubbed as one of the best eco-heritage destinations in the country. For a day trip to this paradise, here is a guide that you can use:

    Top Things to Do on Seco Island

    This island is an ideal destination if you want to camp or have a nice day at the beach. It is perfect for enjoying the sun and communing with nature. Here are the best activities to engage in d ...