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  • Protect Boracays Fruit Bats Group Urges Environment Chief

    Protect Boracays Fruit Bats Group Urges Environment Chief

    Conservationists have sought Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu's help in declaring sections of Boracay Island in Aklan province as a wildlife sanctuary and protected area to save the local population of fruit bats.

    In a letter last month, the Friends of the Flying Foxes (FFF) asked Cimatu to ensure the preservation of parts of Yapak village in the northern part of the 1,032-hectare island.

    FFF is a group advocating the conservation of the golden-crowned flying fox (Aceradon jubatus), a fruit bat that is endemic to the Philippines but which has been categorized as among the endangered spec ...

  • The Majestic Snibaa Falls

    The Majestic Snibaa Falls

    I tried looking for a nearer place from Boracay or just within Aklan where I can spend days off and a little photography with Mother Nature. You know, trying hard to get the best picture of the nature, foods and trips.

    I found this place a month ago through facebook page. And one of the ASU- Ibajay teacher showed me some photos of the river.

    "You will never be alone with nature". Roughly an hour from the town proper of Ibajay you will reached this beautiful God's creation. The sounds of a humming birds, crickets, and a fresh air that soothes through your veins. How relaxing, indeed.


  • Boracay Island Hopping During The Amihan Season

    Boracay Island Hopping During The Amihan Season

    When the boatman tells you to jump??"roiling waters or not??"you jump. And I did, donning a full-face snorkeling mask, feet with fins, and one hand grappling an action camera . I hit the cold waters of Boracay in all its murky glory and surfaced a few seconds after. The sea was very choppy and the current was a bit strong, but I swam nonetheless, stabilizing myself with my fins every now and then to watch schools of small colorful fishes swirl around on unexpectedly lush coral beds. I was expecting a calmer swimming experience since it was almost summertime in Boracay, but it seemed that this ...

  • Cebu City Zoo Denizens Off To Amlan Finally

    Cebu City Zoo Denizens Off To Amlan Finally

    The more than 70 animals from the Cebu City Zoo are expected to have a new home by the middle of next month, as they finally depart for the 16-hectare nature park in Amlan town in Negros Oriental.

    Dr. Alice Utlang, head of the city zoo, said they have initially intended to transport the animals to Amlan last April 11 but since the Amlan Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park was not yet ready to receive them, the transfer was moved to May 15.

    The park, operated by the municipal government of Amlan, is still preparing the cages for the animals from Cebu City Zoo, she said.

    All wildlife an ...

  • Experience Boracay Helmet Diving And Puka Beach

    Experience Boracay Helmet Diving And Puka Beach

    Our second day in Boracay involved helmet diving and a visit to Puka Beach. For a non-swimmer like me, it was a real struggle to see better views of the underwater world by only looking through goggles while wearing a life jacket. No matter how I wanted to do a free dive, I couldn't cos it's not advisable if you don't know how to swim like a pro. So thanks to whoever discovered helmet diving, it helped me experience what was it like down in the sea without worrying about drowning. Yaaaayyy!

    Boracay Helmet Diving

    We ate quick brunch at around 11:00 AM before heading to our first activity ...

  • Experience Boracay Willys Rock And Jawili Falls Side Trip

    Experience Boracay Willys Rock And Jawili Falls Side Trip

    Finally, we are now down to the last installment of this whole Boracay trip series. Yaaaaay! Our departure date was March 2, 2017. But before we headed back to Manila, we did few more things to fully took advantage the last remaining hours we had in the beautiful land of Aklan.

    Willy's Rock

    We tried our best to wake up early in the morning to push through our remaining plans for the day. After freshening up, we went to Boracay Grotto, also known as the Willy's Rock. We were able to see this rock formation from the other nights during high tide when the Willy's Rock becomes an islet. We t ...