Virgin Island

Alaminos City, Pangasinan

Virgin Island is at the back side of Governor's Island on foot during low tide. The island is connected to Governor's via a sandbar, although the mid-sea breaks can get pretty strong as noon commences, and water rises up to a little above the knee. Aqua shoes are recommended; sharp corals and rocks line some portions of the seabed.

Virgin Island at Hundred Islands News

  • A Hundred Reasons To Visit Pangasinan

    A Hundred Reasons To Visit Pangasinan

    When I asked how many islands the Hundred Islands really have, my tour guide Chu answered with the promptness of a seasoned beauty queen, "123 at high tide, 124 at low tide."

    Tall and tan and charming, all she had to do was do The Wave and the crown was hers.

    The Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan, was the stuff I read about in elementary school, and there I was finally hopping from one island to another.

    The islands are a 45 -minute boat ride from the well-appointed Lucap wharf. The wharf has sufficient amenities to keep visitors happy and comfortable. This complex of shops, foo ...

  • Kindred Spirits At The Hundred Islands

    Kindred Spirits At The Hundred Islands

    Back when I was still in grade school, I have always been curious of the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan. Every time our Social Studies teacher require us to collate photos of the natural wonders of the Philippines, these mysterious landmasses were always included in my album. And now that I am somewhat capable of reaching my dream destinations, I know in my heart that it is impossible to skip these treasures of Pangasinan.

    The Hundred Islands are scattered on the waters of Alaminos City. At dusk when the traffic is minimal, the port is about four-hour drive from Manila. Renting a boat with a ...

  • Your Guide To Exploring The Hundred Islands In Pangasinan

    Your Guide To Exploring The Hundred Islands In Pangasinan

    The Hundred Islands, that part of the Philippine archipelago that shares the same prominent spot on textbooks alongside Mayon Volcano and Banaue Rice Terraces, can be found in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The name is a nod to over 124 islands dispersed over the Lingayen Gulf, covering a total area of 16.76 square kilometers. Sometime in June this year, I took the grueling 6-hour trip with 2 others to discover this well-known national park that is the pride of the Pangasinense. Are you planning to explore the Hundred Islands? Here's a guide on to how do it including information on getting to the area, ...

  • Sweet Disposition In Alaminos

    Sweet Disposition In Alaminos

    Right after spending our night in Bolinao, we headed back to Alaminos via the commuter vans that are situated at the basketball court near the St. James the Great Parish Church. We arrived at Alaminos after an hour of travel passing through Bani, Pangasinan.

    A Hundred Reasons to Visit

    After a quick supply run, we hailed a tricycle that will take us to Bolo Beach, an alternative to the Lucap Wharf jump-off. The wharf has been the gateway to the Hundred Islands ever since, but boat ride is much farther to the islands than the Bolo Beach. The Lucap Wharf attracts more crowd during peak seas ...

  • Hundred Island Hopping

    Hundred Island Hopping

    Another blog! Yay! Sorry for my avid reader for keeping you waiting haha (as if there's one) Well, if you see yourself reading this, well you're probably one! Thanks! :)

    Been planning our next summer trip after Anawangin during my Mom's birthday. It should have been an overynight stay in Tagaytay but we've decided to go north again for the second time. Two days and one night in Pangasinan where we can hit two birds in one shot, Hundred Islands and Bolinao beach.

    21st of April, Thursday, as usual, meet up time was Three and left at almost Three Thirty. Took North Luzon Expressway up to S ...

  • Six Out Of A Hundred Islands

    Six Out Of A Hundred Islands

    At 9 am, Lucap Wharf was inundated with throngs of hungry tourists arranging their trips for Hundred Islands. Vendors hawking native hats greeted us by the entrance with smiles as warm as the midmorning sun, their tenacity never waning despite the countless nos.

    Interestingly, despite its stature as a poster island for the Philippines' most touristy, the wharf is devoid of antsy boatmen selling tours.

    Everything, from boat rides down to snorkel gears, has standardized rates and can only be transacted via the tourism desk inside the wharf. It's streamlined and simplified: choose a tour p ...