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  • Bolinao Pangasinan Adventure

    Bolinao Pangasinan Adventure

    Bolinao is a third class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 74,545 people.

    Unlike other famous destinations in the country where you can see easily see a number of bars, restaurants, and fast food chains, the establishments in Pangasinan are limited.

    Tourist spots

    Patar beach

    Patar Beach is the famous golden sand beach destination of Bolinao which features fine golden sand, a vibrant sea and and fiery sunset on clear days.

    Bolinao falls

    The area has free cottages good for picnic but not for overnight s ...

  • Powerpuff Girls Hike To Mount Balungao

    Powerpuff Girls Hike To Mount Balungao

    My Balungao friends have been inviting me to spend some bonding time with them many many months ago. They just wanted some quiet time when we could talk and chat about things other than work, spend our time in one another's company and just rekindle our friendship.

    So we set our bonding date on October 1, my only remaining free day for October.

    Little did I know that Joan, Diane, Jo and Belle also arranged a hike to Mt. Balungao. I only knew about it one day before my trip. Thankfully, I included in my backpack some trekking clothes and my trekking pole.

    Saturday night

    The gurlz ...

  • Bicolor Waxy Corn Anyone

    Bicolor Waxy Corn Anyone

    Boiled corn is a favorite snack food for the young and adults alike. Years back, we enjoyed the small ears of native glutinous or "malagkit" white corn. Then the yellow sweet and super sweet varieties came along, which are still among the favorites.

    Later came the so-called waxy corn varieties. These are hybrid varieties with tender kernels that are sweet and somewhat glutinous. The early waxy varieties were pure white and because they are hybrids, the ears are much bigger than the old native glutinous corn. The latest to be introduced in the local market is the so-called bicolor waxy corn. ...