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  • Pangasinan Protected Area Eyed For Ecotourism Efforts

    Pangasinan Protected Area Eyed For Ecotourism Efforts

    Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Regina Paz "Gina" L. Lopez is optimistic on agro-economic tourism potential of the 1,935 hectares protected landscape, here saying that it could open opportunities to boost the provincial tourism industry in Pangasinan.

    During her first visit to the protected area on December 16 in Brgy. Malabobo, Mangatarem, Lopez suggested for the creation of a joint-management venture of the Manleluag Spring Protected Landscape (MSPL).

    Do it in joint venture. Do it multisectoral. The private sector, DENR, the (provincial and municipal) ...

  • WagMagingDayuhanSaSarilingBayan Dippin In Manleluag Hot Spring

    WagMagingDayuhanSaSarilingBayan Dippin In Manleluag Hot Spring

    My mom and her siblings frequent this place when they were young, now as their children we invaded the place too.

    Manleluag Hot Spring can be found in protected area of Manleluag National Park, located in the town of Mangatarem, Pangasinan.

    I love it here, entrance fee's cheap, cottage's cheap, can be crowded on weekends and holidays, but i i don't care.

    Manleluag spring is located near the extinct volcano Mount Malabobo. The boiling water at the upper part of the area used to be opened and locals used to believe that it cure diseases too.

    There are 3 pools here, 2 for adult and 1 ...

  • What I Learned From Meeting Tariktik

    I was looking at brown and green mountains stretched across the horizon. At first glance, nothing seems stunning about them. Their shapes are not as majestic like the mountains of Sierra Madre, Apo, nor Mayon. But for the province of Pangasinan, especially for the Mangatarem town, it is very special. It is their last frontier, their last untouched forest.

    When I heard these words from the local officials, whom Haribon Foundation assists and partners with in conserving and protecting the Manleluag Spring Protected Landscape, an important biodiversity site in Pangasinan, I immediately thought ...