Hundred Islands Park

Alaminos City, Pangasinan

Hundred Island National Park and Marine Sanctuary is a national park in the Republic of the Philippines. The protected area is located in the city of Alaminos, in the province of Pangasinan in northern Philippines.

Some of the wildlife found living in the National Park are: Crab-eating macaque, Common palm civet, Dugong, Fraser's dolphin, Gecko, Monitor lizard, Sea turtles, Green s ...

ea turtle, Olive ridley sea turtle, Reticulated python, and bats.  Wiki

Hundred Island National Park and Marine Sanctuary News

  • Scuba Diving Is My Life Being A Basurero Is My Job ScuBasurero

    Scuba Diving Is My Life Being A Basurero Is My Job ScuBasurero

    For Mamerto Polbiran, a 62-year-old scuba diver, this is what could describe his work here at the Hundred Islands National Park (HINP).

    Polbiran or Tatay Pol to many of his younger colleagues is a native of Alaminos. He leads the group of scuba divers trained and organized by the local government of Alaminos City to take care of the remaining coral reefs and the replanting of corals at HINP.

    They call themselves "Scubasurero," a term they coined by combining the words scuba and "basurero," or trash collector. They forage for garbage under the waters around the islands.

    Tatay Pol has b ...

  • DOT In 2017 Tourist Arrivals Up

    DOT In 2017 Tourist Arrivals Up

    Starting with the Miss Universe 2016 pageant held in January, 2017 was a very fruitful year for the Department of Tourism (DOT).

    It took almost 23 years for the Miss Universe pageant to be held again in the Philippines and this time, our very own Pia Wurtzbach passed on the crown to Iris Mittenaere of France.

    "Our islands, food, and the biggest smiles of our people are all over the news and social media these past few weeks. The world now knows how beautiful our islands are, how delectable our cuisine is, and how friendly and warm Filipinos are just ask the Miss Universe candidates thems ...

  • Hundred Islands A Trip Back To Pangasinan

    Hundred Islands A Trip Back To Pangasinan

    I could still remember the last time I traveled to Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

  • Alaminos CDRRMO To Help Rehabilitate Marine Biodiversity In Hundred Islands

    A refresher on Water Search and Rescue (WASAR) was conducted recently here to upgrade the performance of the personnel of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO).

    The WASAR Refresher Course will help responders on first aid, and other important information related to water search and rescue operations.

    It also demonstrated basic life saving to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone not only during disasters but also foreign and local tourists visiting the city and in Hundred Islands National Park.

    Alaminos Mayor Arthur F. Celeste led the WASAR Refresher Cou ...

  • Hundred Islands Pangasinan Drone Shot Using Phantom 4

    I've always wanted to go to this place. I never knew I could make it this year since I went to too many places on just one holiday.

  • Ikatlong Zipline Sa Hundred Islands Bukas Na Sa Publiko

    Ikatlong Zipline Sa Hundred Islands Bukas Na Sa Publiko

    Binuksan na ang ikatlong zipline sa Hundred Islands National Park nitong Miyerkoles.

    May habang 345 meters ang two-way zipline mula Quezon Island hanggang sa Lopez Island.

    Tampok din sa zipline ang mini Eiffel Tower.

    Isa sa mga unang sumubok sa zipline si Rev. Fr. Roberto Casaclang. Aminado ang pari na noong una ay natakot siyang subukan ito.

    "Umpisa natakot ako. Masaya pala," aniya.

    Tinitiyak naman ng kumpanyang kinontrata ng lokal na pamahalaan na ligtas ang kanilang mga equipment at dumaan sa quality control.

    Mahigit tatlong buwang binusisi ng kumpanya ang zipline. Sila ri ...