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  • Solo Trip Dagupan And Pangasinan

    Solo Trip Dagupan And Pangasinan

    I often pass by the province of Pangasinan when traveling for a hike to the Cordilleras but I never got to go around. One day, I went for a visit to have a look!

    While researching for my trip, I learned that there's so much to see (and eat!) from the infamous Hundred Islands in Alaminos, the beautiful beaches of Bolinao and its mountain trails that spending a day is ridiculous, but with my limited time and budget, I figured, this solo trip will serve as a kickoff for numerous return trips.

  • Dagupan Ready To Party With Bangus Grilling

    Dagupan Ready To Party With Bangus Grilling

    By now, 1,000 grills that will line a 2-kilometer section of the De Venecia Highway here have been sold out for the Bangus (Milkfish) Festival's street party tomorrow.

    The one-meter-long grills, each costing P3,300, come with 5 kilograms of bangus, packs of charcoal, drinks, tongs, plastic bags, hotdogs, salt and ice.

    The steep price notwithstanding, grillers are assured of quick profits because the street party??"the culminating activity of the Bangus Festival??"has been the most attended event, according to Epee Rafanan, this year's festival chair.

    Last year, the 5-km stretch of the ...

  • Dagupan Bangus Festival Kicks Off April 2

    Dagupan Bangus Festival Kicks Off April 2

    Dagupan's biggest summer spectacle, Bangus Festival, will reel off on April 2 to May 1 with new and exciting events awaiting visitors and the locals.

    Among the the new events are the holding of a "Fun, Fun, Fun ed Tondaligan" set in the newly re-launched Tondaligan Beach by the Lingayen Gulf, rich with its famous sands.

    However, prior to the festival's grand opening, the Bangusan Village will be opened on March 31 at the New De Venecia Extension Highway to host a carnival and a flea market called "baratillo", and a food court for native delicacies, an activity seen to last till June 30 i ...

  • Cluster 2 Contingent Sweeps All Prizes In Dagupans Streetdancing Showdown

    Cluster 2 Contingent Sweeps All Prizes In Dagupans Streetdancing Showdown

    Cluster 2 contingent, led by Barangay Pantal, won over five other clusters of Dagupan villages when it swept all the minor and major awards as well as the grand prize of Php 150,000 in the much-awaited Gilon-Gilon ed Dalan (Street Dancing) competition that opened the 2016 Dagupan Bangus Festival on April 8.

    Cluster 2 actually went home with a total of Php 220,000 after capturing all the minor awards given by this year's Bangus Festival executive committee headed by Mayor Belen Fernandez, honorary chairman, for being adjudged as Beat in Streetdancing, Php 20,000; Best in Props, Php 20,000; B ...

  • Skylab Batikwas Surewin Return To Dagupan

    Skylab Batikwas Surewin Return To Dagupan

    With this city's rivers already cleared of fish pens, it is now the marginal fisherfolk's turn to enjoy their bounty.

    And very soon, designated areas in the seven rivers traversing this coastal city of Pangasinan province will have "batikwas," "skylab" and other indigenous fish traps, said Westly Rosario, chief of the National Integrated Fisheries Technology Development Center here.

    A skylab consists of triangular bamboo stakes, while a batikwas is a net with its corners tied to four bamboo posts. The net is lowered at night and an incandescent bulb is used to attract fish to the net. ...

  • Flotilla Parade For Sustainable Fisheries

    Flotilla Parade For Sustainable Fisheries

    A Flotilla Parade of 30 boats will be held along the Calmay River and the Lingayen Gulf on Sunday morning ahead of the third and final Presidential Debate at University of Pangasinan Phinma from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

    Diah Abida, communication officer of Greenpeace Philippines which is behind the activity, said this would be participated in by fisherfolk leaders, together with civil society organizations and marine conservation advocates, all calling for sustainable fisheries.

    On board their boats, they will sail along the Calmay River unto the Lingayen Gulf and back in a bid to call on the fi ...