Culebra Island

Dasol, Pangasinan

Culebra Island also called Snake Island or Colibra Island is located 30 minutes by boat from the shores of Tambobong White Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan.

Culebra Island or Colibra or Snake Island News

  • Dasol Pangasinan Travel Guide Itinerary Budget Resorts

    Dasol Pangasinan Travel Guide Itinerary Budget Resorts

    I have to admit, Dasol, Pangasinan wasn't really on our list. It was merely a product of a canceled trip. Our bags were packed, and we needed to come up with a new plan quickly. We ended up choosing the most accessible destination that we haven't been to which lead us to Dasol.

  • Colibra Island Dasols Island Hideaway

    Colibra Island Dasols Island Hideaway

    It was in 2011 when we first visited Colibra Island (sometimes spelled as Culebra Island) in Pangasinan. It was still unpopular then, in fact some locals discouraged us on going there.

    "It is an ugly place!"

    "There's nothing there!"

    We ignored their rants and spent a night in the island. Only us under millions of stars, with the sunset, moonrise and sunrise gracing our stay.

    Situated off the coast of Barangay Tambobong in Dasol, Colibra Island or Camaso Island is a tiny and rocky islet surrounded with cream sand and turquoise water… so small that one can tour it in fifteen minute ...

  • Enjoy A Great Weekend Getaway In Dasol Pangasinan

    Enjoy A Great Weekend Getaway In Dasol Pangasinan

    Pangasinan is known for the Hundred Islands and its beautiful beaches in Bolinao. However, these are not only the places of interest in the province. Dasol, a 3rd class municipality is another tourist destination that deserves to be included in the list and quite accessible to visitors. It is also perfect for a weekend getaway. For a guide to exploring Dasol, these places and landmarks are worth considering:

    1. Dasoland Resort Family Adventure Park
    Just a 15 minute drive from the municipality of Dasol town proper is a destination fit for visitors traveling with kids. This enormous adventur ...

  • Palawan Paradise An El Nido Travel Guide

    Palawan Paradise An El Nido Travel Guide

    Located in the southwestern Philippines, the jungle island of Palawan has often been described as the country's "last ecological frontier." With artifacts dating back 50,000 years, prehistoric cave formations, secret lagoons and incredible flora and fauna, Palawan is the most biodiverse island in the Philippines.

    The northern part of Palawan is considered the most scenic with the Bacuit Bay Nature Reserve surrounding the small fishing village of El Nido (my choice for our stay). Just offshore from El Nido, you'll find spectacular islands and limestone rock formations dating back 250 million ...

  • The Journey In Dasol

    The Journey In Dasol

    Dasol is in the boundary of Pangasinan and Zambales. In fact the town is formerly part of the latter province until it finally became part of Pangasinan Province. We wanted to go because it was summer and we want to swim in the salt waters of Pangasinan. We did beach bumming then later on Island hopping in Colibra Island and Crocodile Island. Salt farming is a bonus experience. But before that we need to drop by Calasiao and Lingayen to but Puto Calasiao and Bangus for our tummies respectively.

    We hired a van for the trip and we depart early in the morning of May 1, labor day. I mean early ...

  • Pangasinans Secluded Beach Paradise

    Pangasinans Secluded Beach Paradise

    Tambobong White Beach and Colibra Island has clear calm waters and creamy white fine sand beach that can compete with the best beaches in the country.

    Though located in a very remote location, Tambobong White Beach doesn't disappoint travelers who are beat from the 9-hour drive (7 hours if non-stop). The group of 4 friends took a Toyota Yaris for a spin and it delivered perfectly without issues. Just be sure to pass through the paved roads in Dasol. Bobonot Barangay hall is the key landmark to remember because it is only a few meters away from the entry to the long road that leads to Tambob ...