Cacupangan Cave

Mabini, Pangasinan

Cacupangan Cave is located in Mabini, Pangasinan. The area surrounding the cave is fenced and gated, and an entrance fee is charged; picnic tables inside the compound are rented out at an extra charge. The cave is unlit, so tourists must bring their own flashlights.

Numerous chambers branch off the main cavern, all decorated by stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone and in a few place ...

s formations of crystal.

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  • Cacupangan Cave Adventure

    Cacupangan Cave Adventure

    A cave crawling and swimming experience maybe physically tiring and even dangerous for a cave travellers' life. But if travelling through caves is part of your bucket list, Cacupangan Cave is worth visiting.

    It is located in Mabini, Pangasinan, a town close to Alaminos in Western Luzon.

    You can get to Alaminos by bus since no commercial flights are available. Bus lines that go there include Victory Liner, Five Star, Super Lines and Dagupan Bus Co. (You could check bus fares and schedules bound to Alaminos by calling these companies or through their websites).

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  • Cacupangan Cave Branch 3

    Exploring Cacupangan Cave Mabini Pangasinan.

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