Cabacungan Cove

Dasol, Pangasinan

Cabacungan is a small cove found in Cainan Point at Crocodile Island, also called Lagtaras Island, in the western coast of Pangasinan. The cove is primarily made of rust-colored rocks. On one end is a small cave where you can enjoy wading to its emerald water or listening to a 'surround sound' wave splashes.

Cabacungan Cove and Cave on Lagtaras Island News

  • Enjoy A Great Weekend Getaway In Dasol Pangasinan

    Pangasinan is known for the Hundred Islands and its beautiful beaches in Bolinao. However, these are not only the places of interest in the province. Dasol, a 3rd class municipality is another tourist destination that deserves to be included in the list and quite accessible to visitors. It is also perfect for a weekend getaway. For a guide to exploring Dasol, these places and landmarks are worth considering:

    1. Dasoland Resort Family Adventure Park
    Just a 15 minute drive from the municipality of Dasol town proper is a destination fit for visitors traveling with kids. This enormous adventur ...

  • Tambobong Beach Dasol Pangasinan Sidetrip To Snake Island Ship Wreck Cabacungan Cave And Simimbahan

    The heat is on! Summer is near approaching, tan lines is so in... and when we say summer, beach mode activate!

    A perfect place to spend vacation at the unspoiled beach of Dasol Pangasinan, here's my story and how my trip started in Dasol Pangasinan. Tambobong beach in Dasol Pangasinan is one of the place I always wanted to visit after my Cabongaoan beach trip in Burgos Pangasinan 3 years ago. I'm a big fan of exploring a not so touristy beach plus a very challenging ride that complements my kind of adventure.

    My partner and her friends' "panata" is to visit Patar beach in Bolinao, Panga ...

  • Tambobong Beach Dasol Pangasinan

    And just like that, we had a plan. That was 5 hours before our target departure time. I'm so lucky to have travel buddies that are easy-going. Well, if I have the same flexible schedule that they have I'd be as carefree. I dunno why I mentioned Tambobong Beach but after our Patar Beach trip the month before, I'm now eyeing Pangasinan for my quick-fix beach trips.

    My buddies have already been to Tambobong Beach and I trust their gut feel on our 3-day stint there. With only a few hours left to hit the bus station, I quickly threw my stuff on the first rucksack I saw and headed to the bus sta ...

  • A Weekend Escape in Dasol Pangasinan

    Pangasinan is one of the favorite destinations in the Philippines when it comes to weekend getaway. Not only because of its distance from the capital city but also to numerous tourist spots and beach sites that can be found in the province. There's the beach, lighthouse and falls in Bolinao, there's the Hundred Islands Natural Park; but despite of having these famed sites, we had chosen two off the beaten beaches that are also situated in the province to be our destination for our weekend escape last summer, which are Cabongaoan and Tambobong Beach.

    Truly, we had enjoyed our stay in both b ...

  • Exploring the Rocks in Cabacungan Cove

    After taking a relaxing dip in Cabongaoan beach and enjoying the gleeful hop in Culebra Island, we fared to Cabacungan Cove, the fourth stop of our Burgos+Dasol Pangasinan escape. The cove has rocky shores so we got off at a distance where there is enough space between the boat's keel and the scabrous littoral seabed. We were already wet so we didn't mind taking another drench.

    The cove is primarily made of rust-colored rocks. On one end is a small cave where you can enjoy wading to its emerald water or listening to a 'surround sound' wave splashes.

    The cave within the cove has multiple ...

  • Dasol Balas Nagtaros Island Pangasinan

    The second island we explored after our swim at the diminutive Colibra Island was the nearby rocky isle of Balas Nagtaros. We were here to visit the Cabacungan Cave and it took around twenty minutes via our rented boat to get from Colibra to the island.

    The island looks craggy from afar, and indeed, it proved to be one as our boat's engine was killed and our boy co-captain started maneuvering the craft by swimming and pushing the entire boat into its rock-strewn shore.

    I was amazed at what that little sunburnt kid could do.

    The cove we docked on looked unsuitable for swimming bare- ...