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  • Bayambang Malangsi Fishtival 2014

    "Malangsi" is a Pangasinan term that means fishy. Bayambang is known for its fish products such as mudfish (dalag), catfish (pantat), and gurami, which are sourced out from the town's Mangabul Lake. Bayambang is one of Pangasinan's biggest municipalities having 77 barangays and a population of 117,536 covering 16,000 hectares in land area.

  • Fish Festival Grill Bids For Guinness Record

    Around 60 tons of freshwater fishes will be grilled today to celebrate the "Malangsi Festival" (Malangsi is a Pangasinan term for fish) and bid to snatch the title of "longest barbecue" as a Guinness World Record.

    The municipal government of Bayambang has organized the grilling the freshwater fishes including "tilapia" by using improvised equipment that has a length of eight kilometers, covering 10 villages, namely: Barangays Wawa, Telbang, Buayaen, Poblacion, Zone III, Zone V, Tamaro, Tambac, Nalsian Norte and Nalsian Sur.

    Mayor Ricardo Camacho, with the support of the provincial govern ...

  • Malangsi Fishtival Draws Huge Crowd

    Malangsi Fishtival Draws Huge Crowd

    About five Hundred Thousand people gathered in attendance altogether for this years' celebration of the towns malangsi-fish festival.

    Local Police authorities headed by Sr/Supt Gerardo Roxas placed this estimate at the height of the celebration when the crowd joined in the merry making especially when the "kalutan ed dalan " street grilling party took place.

    Mayor Ricardo M. Camacho who led the kalutan party expressed his gratitude to the crowd

    and said that this party is worth working for after long months of preparation.

    He said More than the successful events and the large crow ...

  • The Malangsi Festival Of Bayambang

    It was a historical event that happened in Bayambang in the afternoon of April 4. The local government of the said town in coordination with the provincial government attempted to break the Guinness World Record for "longest grill." worldwide. It was an event which the national government must also be watching -whether the " longest grill" in Bayambang with a length of eight kilometers will be adjudged as such by the Guiness.

    At 3:00 in the afternoon under the scorching heat of the sun, all the grills were laid down in an 8-kilometer stretch from Bugayen village up to Nalsian village. The v ...

  • Malangsi Festival Slated In Bayambang Pangasinan

    The town of Bayambang will hold its Malangsi Festival on April 7 as the top feature of its nine-day town fiesta from April 1 to 9.

    Municipal administrator Dr. Romulo Velasquez said the festival, now on its third edition, will showcase Bayambang as the biggest producer of fresh water fish like hito (catfish), dalag (mudfish), tilapia, gurami and others.

    The fresh water fish are produced mostly from the Mangabol lake, a body of water lying near the Tarlac border.

    The Malangsi Festival will be marked by street dancing to be participated by pupils and students and from various barangays a ...

  • Malangsi Festival Street Dancing

    I just witnessed the Malangsi Festival of Bayambang ,Pangasinan and it was so fun.