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  • Surip Coral Beach And Rockscape Pangasinan PH

    Surip Coral Beach And Rockscape Pangasinan PH

    Bani is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. Located between Alaminos City and Bolinao, this quiet coastal town is often overshadowed by its neighboring towns' more well-known and frequented beaches.

    However, if you are looking for a road-less traveled place in Pangasinan province, where you can pause, relax, appreciate nature, get a taste of the splash of the sea waves and the simple joys of rural living, then Surip in Bani woud be a great option.

    Being a coastal town, it is endowed with ruggedly beautiful seascape and rockscapes. Bani's beaches fronting ...

  • The Quiddity Of Banis Coralline Beach In Black And White

    The Quiddity Of Banis Coralline Beach In Black And White

    There was a time when I was drawn to the undesirable and every single time I resisted it. Being in Bani's coralline beach one summer revived that urge as nothing in the tortured expanse of this Pangasinan's shoreline seemed attractive at the onset. At a glance, everything was a nuance. Nothing desirable stood out and I did not resist taking a gander.

    I was told on my way to this province that this area was once part of the ocean. What was once submerged now has everyone in the town treading on dry feet. At least something had the temerity to resist the irresistible.

    Barefoot and perked u ...

  • Cliff Diving At Polipol Island Marcos Island And Imelda Cave In Pangasinan

    My first ever cliff diving. Sawakas nagawa ko na. :-)

  • Rachel Grant Explores The Uncharted Angel Cave In Bani Pangasinan Philippines

    A daring subterranean river exploration that revealed and publicized the uncharted "Angel Cave" in Bani, Pangasinan in the Philippines. A news feature with personal clips.

  • Angel Cave PHs Newest Natural Wonder

    Located west of this province, Bani is a town known for its sweet tasting watermelon and its "Pakwan Festival" this month (January 31-February 1). In tourism, Bani boasts of white sand beaches fronting the West Philippine Sea. And soon another natural wonder of the town ??" its caves ??" will definitely attract adventurers and thrillseekers.


    There are a number of caves in Bani ??" the Nalsoc Cave, Abot Aso Cave, Nangadiyan Cave, and the Dumaloy Cave. The one that stands out, though, is the one they call Angel Cave.

    Angel Cave in Barangay Centro Toma, a village in the wester ...

  • Pangasinan Mayor Seeks To Develop Tourism

    Tourism was identified as top priority of the neophyte lady mayor of Banit town in western Pangasinan, noting that her town is blessed with mountains, sand beaches and caves that are good for spelunking and other nature's gifts.

    Mayor Gwen Palafox-Yamamoto, 31, who gained the reputation as a "general slayer" when she defeated Mayor Marcelo Navarro, a retired general and ended the Navarro family four decades of reign in the town, said she plans to improve the tourist spots of Bani in his three-year reign as town mayor.

    Yamamoto spelled out her tourism plan when she graced the Kapisanan ng ...