Bangrin Mangrove Sanctuary

Bani, Pangasinan

The Bangrin Mangrove Marine Protected Area is located at Sitio Bangrin, San Miguel, Bani, Pangasinan, co-managed by the Nagkakaisang Samahan ng San Miguel Association, Aporao Fisherfolks Association, and the Municpal Government of Bani. It is covered by a 42.25 hectares Mangrove Forest with 10 mangrove species and the home of 38 species of birds. A 450 meters boardwalk was constructed across the a ...

rea for visitors and nature-lovers. It is ideal for bird watching.

Bangrin Mangrove Bird Sanctuary News

  • Bangrin Marine Protected Area A Trip Down Mangrove Lane

    Bangrin Marine Protected Area A Trip Down Mangrove Lane

    Found in the heart of Tambac Bay, the Bangrin Marine Protected Area (Bangrin MPA) is comprised of 42.25 hectares of mangrove forest. It is home to 53 species of migratory and indigenous birds, according to the Local Economic Development arm of the Department of Interior and Local Government. It is also one of the 13 birdwatching areas in the Philippines identified by the Department of Tourism.

    Birdwatching activities in Bangrin can be done before sunrise as well as before sundown. Early morning, usually around 5AM to 10AM, is often cited as the ideal time for birding. But in the Bangrin MPA ...

  • Rachel Grant Visits Bangrin Marine Protected Area

    Rachel Grant Visits Bangrin Marine Protected Area

    While travelling through Bani in the Philippines, I was invited to plant mangroves at Bangrin Marine Protected Area - a 42-hectare mangrove forest named the Philippines' 13th best Bird Watching Site.

    Accredited as an Eco-Tour Facility, Bangrin is a sanctuary to some 121 bird species and ten species of mangroves.

    After walking the very fun 510-metre bamboo boardwalk, I planted 6 mangroves and ventured through the mangrove forest on a kayak. It was low tide and one could very clearly see the abundance of marine life in the waters. It's a stunning place to visit!

    Thank you to Mayor Marc ...

  • 7 Gorgeous Little-Known Ecotourist Spots In The Philippines

    7 Gorgeous Little-Known Ecotourist Spots In The Philippines

    Pack your bags, file your leaves, the great outdoors are calling! If you're searching for new places to visit and new adventurous to embark on, here's an idea: why not make your next summer adventure a little bit "greener"?

    If you haven't yet heard of ecotourism, it's one of the hottest ways to travel where adventure and sustainability merge. Ecotourism Philippines defines it as a form of sustainable tourism by which natural and cultural heritage areas are preserved and protected through mutual efforts between the local community and its visitors.

    Cultural practices, environmental educat ...

  • Asian Waterbird Census With Bani and A Cormorant

    Asian Waterbird Census With Bani and A Cormorant

    For the WBCP, January means the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) and it's time to apply wader and waterbird identification and simple math skills.

    This year Adri and I joined the intrepid Bani team, off north to Pangasinan to do the count at the mangrove sanctuary of the Bangrin Marine Protected Area. It would be the third time in 4 years that we joined regulars Alex, Tere and Juan (plus driver Mang Boy of course!), this year joined by second-timer Jude and first-timer Homer.

    Early on Saturday we started out, our ~ 230 km journey made faster by the taking the NLEX-SCTEX-TPLEX combination exp ...

  • Osprey In Bangrin Marine Protected Area

    There's nothing like watching the predator in action in real time, so here's Adri's short video (watch in hd for optimum viewing).

  • Bonus Birds At Bani

    Bonus Birds At Bani

    Since becoming a birder and joining the wbcp, I have reserved 2 or 3 weekends of January for the asian waterbird census. This year, with the much-anticipated Romblon awc scrapped, my first awc was in Bani, Pangasinan. It was the second time in 2 years that I was joining the bani trip, along with the original group composed of Juan M, Alex, Tere, Adri and Myself. A co-worker of Juan, max, joined us. Sadly, Rene C, who led the group last year, could not make it this time.

    We arrived in the afternoon on Saturday, settled in at the lovely old woods by the sea resort, and did some casual birdi ...