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  • The Silence Of The Sea Finding Peace And Solitude In Bolinao

    The Silence Of The Sea Finding Peace And Solitude In Bolinao

    Whenever I think of a paradise that is unspoiled by the dealings of everyday life and a place where solace away from consumerism and our seemingly step by step life, my heart goes back up north to the hidden rocks and shores of Bolinao. Despite being a lengthy trip; it is journey to a destination unlike any other that promises serenity and calm. The Perfect location to disconnect from everything that is toxic about the urban life.

    I remember sleeping on the way there and it is a must to anyone that would like to undertake this arduous journey. It's feels like a long haul flight but once the ...

  • Patar Bolinao Pangasinan Philippines

    Aerial view of Patar Beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.

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  • San Fabian Beach In Pangasinan

    San Fabian Beach In Pangasinan

    The coastal town of San Fabian in Pangasinan has been a popular travel destination for beach lovers since the early 70′s. However, that reputation has not tarnished over the decades as the town still attracts thousands of people who want to enjoy the surf, sand, and sun. But why has it remained a frequent destinations for tourists despite the appearance of new beaches in the region? Let's look at the reasons why people enjoys the scenic San Fabian beach.


    San Fabian is a very popular vacation spot in the summer months but that's not a problem because it can ac ...