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  • The Home of Umbrella Rocks

    The Home of Umbrella Rocks

    The rustic town of Agno is characterized by beautiful rolling terrains and rice fields, all of which you could see on the way to the town proper. As you near the Poblacion, the town plaza, the road passes along the beautiful Mabini River, which in turn meets with the South China Sea further west.

    Agno is gifted with natural wonders. Its land is very productive in rice, mangoes, vegetables, and root crops, and abundant in bamboos and coconuts. It also possesses a vast fishing ground of milkfish or "bangus," and big fish like tuna and blue marlin.

    Agno's Prided Attractions

    The peacefu ...

  • Pangasinan beckons

    Pangasinan beckons

    Pangasinan is one of the country's most diverse provinces blessed with incredible landscapes and natural wonders. It is the third biggest province in the country and home to unspoiled beaches, unexplored caves, hot and cold springs and other attractions.

    The name Pangasinan means "place for salt" and the province is in fact a major producer of salt. Most people know Pangasinan for its Hundred Islands, Manaoag Shrine, bangus and puto, but there's a lot more to see and experience in this province where one can find the "Boracay of the North".

    Tranquil beaches

    In Anda, Pangasinan lies To ...

  • Pangasinan is more than Hundred Islandsfugao caravan tour launches Drive Tourism

    For years, the province of Pangasinan has been known for its bangus and the Hundred Islands. It is also known for its puto Calasiao, which has become so popular the town of Calasiao holds an annual puto festival to celebrate its foremost product. But Pangasinan offers more than those three, and it's just five hours away from Metro Manila.

    The province, which is located in Northern Luzon, has many beautiful beaches, waterfalls, caves, old churches, and, of course, places to eat seafood and their world-famous bangus.

    The Hundred Islands National Park is, of course, the most popular place t ...