Puning Hot Spring

Porac, Pampanga

Puning Hot Spring is located in Sitio Puning, Porac, Pampanga. Geothermal exploration following the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption indicated that the volcano hosted a hydrothermal system which today manifests varying degrees of temperature, some even reach close to boiling point.

Some of these are the thermal springs along the Sacobia River in Sitio Puning, Brgy. Inararo, Porac, Pampan ...

ga where temperatures range from 40 to 70 degrees. Surging waters on these mountain springs were tested and were found to have zero couliform and 7.5 pH level which indicate their curative and healthful qualities and effect on bathers and frolickers. Incredibly, cold springs and waterfalls are also found in close proximity to these thermal manifestations.

Puning Hot Spring News

  • Puning Hot Spring Sand Spa Porac Pampanga

    Puning Hot Spring Sand Spa Porac Pampanga

    On the other side of Mt. Pinatubo is a hotbed of adventure, meandering landscape & all-natural pampering. Swathed in volcanic overtones, Puning Hot Spring is a gorgeous place to spend a day's escapade into Pampanga's sun-drenched getaway.

  • Fire, Sand And Spa

    Fire, Sand And Spa

    The Aetas, a nomadic tribe in northern Philippines, have rebuilt their life around an active volcano that saw one of the largest eruptions of last century

    The Philippines was supposed to be all about leisurely swims in blue seas and relaxing naps on white-sand beaches. There was sand, all right, but it wasn't quite the tropical dream Id envisioned. Instead, I was lying in a trench dug in the sand, while a spa therapist shovelled hot sand onto me, immobilizing me neck downwards. You lie here for 15 minutes, he instructed. As if I had a choice. I couldnt even wriggle a toe.

    The Puning Hot ...

  • Hot Springs Near Manila

    Hot Springs Near Manila

    The Philippines is truly blessed with rich natural resources and landscapes found in the country. If you're looking for natural sites to spend your relaxation and rejuvenation, at the same time, away from the busy metro, then you can check out some of these hot springs situated a few hours away from Manila.

    Hidden Valley Springs

    Hidden Valley Springs is a "tropical rainforest paradise" located at Calauan, Laguna. It has more than a hundred springs of varying water temperatures. Its natural spring pools contain the purest mineral waters which are good for treatment and rejuvenation.

    Y ...

  • Your Pinoy Tour Guide At Puning Hot Spring Mount Pinatubo

    No script. No fancy camera setup. Your Pinoy tour guide Remus Mark Carballo is on the move to capture the fun, fantastic Filipino experience.

    Check out my video taken at Puning Hot Spring - Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

  • Hidden Spots In Pampanga That You Didnt Know Existed

    Hidden Spots In Pampanga That You Didnt Know Existed

    Pampanga is a province in Central Luzon of the Philippines. Lying on the northern shore of Manila Bay, Pampanga is bordered by the provinces of Bataan and Zambales to the west, Tarlac and Nueva Ecija to the north, and Bulacan to the southeast. Its capital is the City of San Fernando; Angeles, while geographically within Pampanga, is classified as a first-class, high urbanized city and is governed independently of the province.

    Aside from the famous restaurants, festivals and historical landmarks, there are more to explore in Pampanga. You dont have to go to Laguna to experience the cold wa ...

  • Puning Hot Spring Pampanga Hidden Paradise

    Puning Hot Spring Pampanga Hidden Paradise

    Along the lahar covered foothills and Sacobia riverbed lies a hidden paradise ideal to those who are seeking a day of relaxation with a little bit of adventure.

    Puning Hot Spring is a wellness facility in Pampanga that was carefully developed to match the landscape of the Aeta Ancestral where it is located.

    To get to the facility's base camp, you have to take a 10-15 minute drive from the Sapang Bato gate in Clark Freeport near Sutherland Call Center to Puning's 1st Station at Sitio Target, Sapang Bato, Angeles City.

    Once you reach the resort's base camp, you will be met by t ...