Candaba Swamp

Candaba, Pampanga

Candaba Swamp is located in the Candaba, Pampanga municipality, 60 km northeast of Manila in the Philippines. It encompasses about 32,000 ha, made of freshwater ponds, swamps and marshes surrounded by seasonally flooded grasslands.

The entire area becomes submerged underwater during the wet season. It dries out during the months of November to April. Then the swamp is converted to ...

farmland by the locals. Watermelon and rice are usually planted, comprising the vegetation of the flood plain, together with patches of Nipa palm and some mangrove species.

The Candaba swamp also acts as a natural flood retention basin during the rainy season. It holds the overflow from five smaller rivers (Maasim, San Miguel, Garlang, Bulu and Peñaranda), then drains into the larger Pampanga River.

Candaba Swamp and Wild Duck Sanctuary Candaba Marsh News

  • Ecotourism For Wildlife Conservation

    Ecotourism For Wildlife Conservation

    Endowed with rich natural resources, white sandy beaches, pristine waters, astonishing landscapes surrounding inland water bodies and a variety of wildlife, the Philippines has the potential of pump priming the economy through ecotourism.

    According to the latest report from the Department of Tourism (DOT), the first seven months of the year yielded the country 3.93 million foreign tourists a marked increase of 11.02 percent from the same period last year.

    Visitor receipts from January to July 2017 hit some P179.86 billion, an increase of 21.07 percent from the same seven-month period in ...

  • Getting Mud

    Getting Mud

    The last time we went to Candaba was in January of 2016. I can't believe it had been that long! For one thing, that place was no longer as promising as it used to be. Most of the marshland where migrants spend the winter had been replaced by ricefields.

  • Ricefields Forever

    Gone are the ponds. The place can no longer be referred to as "wetlands". In its place are ricefields, as far as the eye can see. Because of that thousands of migrant ducks and waders no longer come here. This is Candaba now.

    In fairness, there were still birds. Chestnut Munias, Red Turtledoves, and Zebra Doves were plentiful.

    Our trip with birding buddies Peter Ting and Wenxing Pan last Saturday was like a roller coaster ride. There were ups and downs. The downside being the absence of the ducks and waders I mentioned earlier. The whole time we were there, we only saw two Wandering Whis ...

  • Checking Out Candaba

    Checking Out Candaba

    Last week, Adri and I went on a quick trip to check out the road conditions at Candaba and found ourselves walking under the hot morning sun!

    Upon arriving, we stayed on the highway straight towards Brgy Paligui to check out the back way, which turned out to be under water! The farmers were already preparing some of the fields and large flocks of Wood Sandpipers were moving around. Egrets and Black-winged Stilts were also a-plenty. We were hoping to get a glimpse of a pair of recently sighted Glossy Ibis but no luck.

    With the back way unavailable even by foot, we back tracked to Brgy Ba ...

  • Four Of The Best Places For Bird Watching In The Philippines

    Four Of The Best Places For Bird Watching In The Philippines

    The Philippine Eagle may be on top of the list of birds to see in the Philippines. It's a majestic creature and on the list of endangered species making it a species that needs to be protected. But apart from the Philippine Eagle, there are other magnificent creatures of the sky that are worth seeing in the country.

    While observing birds endemic to the Philippines is satisfying, waiting for migratory birds to arrive just doubles the pleasure. So where are the best places in the country to spot a stunning array of winged creatures?

    Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu


  • Flyway Candaba

    Flyway Candaba

    As Isaac Canasa thrust newly grown palay seedlings on a clean patch in his farm, three ducks with brown wings and violet streaks on the head wheezed past him.

    "Many birds will be swarming here soon," the 57-year-old farmer said of what the "dumara" (Philippine mallard ducks) forebode in Barangay Vizal San Pablo.

    The presence of the rare local ducks ushers the arrival of birds from all over to escape the Siberian winter and seek refuge in the marshes and ponds in this town in Pampanga province.

    Candaba is in the heart of the Candaba Swamp, a large flood basin in Central Luzon. Covering ...