Mt Taraw El Nido Palawan

Mt.Taraw (Rock Climbing)Escapade

Mt. Taraw is the highest peak in El Nido and is described by many as 'seriously not for the faint of heart.' That, for its steep assault and rock climbing ??"which to be honest was actually the part that lured me in the first place. But it worried me and Evan about how physically taxing the climb was, and the dangerous assault with no use of ropes at that.

My partner Evan and i woke up around 4AM to prepare. Our tour guide then came,to our surprise,He's a teenager and just wearing a slippers. He then handed out the flashlight to Evan and gave us some tips on what to do while we were walking on our way to the spot, it was a 10min. walk from the place we were staying at,then we went all the way to the back alleys until we got to this section of rocks. Here, we start our ascent.The ascent is gradual but will immediately require some rock scrambling. The advice I will give now will be the most important one you'll need to heed when you plan a Taraw climb. First,Wear the right trek shoes. Do not trek to Taraw using slippers (Except our guide,they were Pro's)lol. Hiking shoes that have thick soles will do you a big favor on your climb. The rocks are so sharp and jagged that everything else you wear apart from hiking shoes will simply not do.

Second, bring gloves. Apparently, Evan and I were not informed to bring gloves,so we kind of got some scratches.Third, bring an assault bag that's light and will only contain a few important things, like water, food, camera, maybe a first aid kit ??"that's it! You need both your hands so make sure your backpack is light and will not in any way affect your climbing.

As for the actual terrain, the rocks are really sharp and anything sharp always points to danger, so it's really better to secure your footing and not rush to get to the top. The vertical walls do require some serious rock climbing, so make sure you're really up for a strenuous activity. Our guide has advised us it will take us about 30min for us to get there on time for the sunrise.So,as soon as we got to the top, Evan and I were both speechless not because we were tired but on how captivating the scenery is. Anyways,I really have so much to tell...but for now, let our short clip show you how adventurous it was for us and how fascinating it is...You should definitely check this adventure if ever you plan to visit El Nido.

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