Balabac Palawan The Last Of The Last Frontier

The Last of Philippine's Last Frontier.

Out of 44 islands we have marveled to 15 destinations including islands and sandbars in what I call, the Last of the Last Frontier -- Balabac.

With an estimated distance of 830 kilometers from Manila, Balabac can be reached 6 hours by land from Puerto Princesa and 3 hours by boat to the camping site in Candaraman Island which is situated in Sulu sea.

Punta Sebaring has the best beach I've seen by far and has the finest (powdery) sand (not coral sand). The water around Balabac is the best description of pristine waters; crystal clear and spotless. Its hues varies from cyan to turquoise to deep blue. It will leave your breathless.

Here are some of the off the beaten destinations in underrated Balabac which I squeezed-in in this vid:

📍Patunggong (maliit) Island or Kanimiran Island
📍Patunggong (malaki) Island or Tangkahan Island
📍Patawan Island - has pink sand
📍Candaraman Island
📍 Kanibungan Island
📍Matangguli Island
📍Angela sandbar
📍Mansalangan sandbar (unnamed, it is near Mansalangan island)
📍Punta Sebaring
📍Silom silom mangrove sanctuary or Barungos
📍Cab Kabon island and rock formation
📍Borobok island
📍Timbayan island
📍Snorkeling near Ramos Island ( yes! Ramos!)
📍Starfish sandbar
📍Stingray sandbar or KM zero sandbar

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