Ursula Island Bird Sanctuary

Bataraza, Palawan

The Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is a combined hunting and bird sanctuary, about 20 km off the coast of the Brooke's Point, Palawan. Vegetation on the island consists of lowland rain forests and situated on the coast extensive mangrove forests. Ursula Island is now closed to the public because of the disruption of nesting on the island of breeding pairs, illegal fishing and the ent ...

rainment of invasive species.

Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary News

  • Palawans Hidden Sanctuary

    Traveling to Palawan's Ursula Island may be difficult, but a thrilling adventure in this hidden gem awaits those who persevere.

    The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and fine white sand, with different and mostly unique species of birds loitering the area.

    But because the island is a bird sanctuary and a protected area, tourists need to write a letter of request before they can experience the island's beauty.

  • Ursula Island Hidden Paradise In Palawan

    There is a hidden paradise in Palawan that tourists will surely love to visit.

    From Puerto Princesa City, it will take five-hour ride to reach Bataraza, Palawan. From the pier, it will be another two-hour boat ride to reach the hidden beauty that is the Ursula Island.

    The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and fine white sand. Different species of birds could also be found on the island.

    Some of the birds in the area are rare and may not be found in other places.

    According to local environment and natural resources officers in Bataraza, they allow tourists to stay overnig ...

  • The Wonder That Is The Ursula Island Game Refuge And Bird Sanctuary

    Palawan is best described as paradise. Only a few places in the Philippines could compete with the beauty and wonder that is presents to visitors. But apart from stunning visual scenery, Palawan is quite the diverse province as well.

    In Palawan, you get treated to a variety of activities – swimming, island hopping, nature tripping, going on a safari and indulging in history and culture. Given that much of Palawan has remained a virgin paradise, it's not a secret that it is home to a variety of animal species. And one of the best places you can get to watch wildlife is at the Ursula Island ...

  • Ursula Island Game Refuge And Bird Sanctuary

    Ecological balance is the core of environmental care and preservation in any part of the world. Basically, it is described as a condition wherein there is a perfect symmetry of the different ecological systems which are frequently in stable states or scientifically referred to as homeostasis. By definition, the term ecological balance pertains to some minimal changes that should be rectified through some negative comments or feedbacks; which will in turn bring back specific environmental parameters to its original pomp. In this regard, this natural occurrence in an ever-evolving environmental ...

  • Ursula Island Game Refuge And Bird Sanctuary Palawan Mag

    Palawan has always been known not just for its beaches but also for its forests. Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is a tourist destination located near the municipality of Brooke's Point in southern part of Palawan that features seedlings and saplings which are commonly present at lowland forests.

    At the place, you can find trails that will lead you to the wells. Also, for the comfort of the guests, you will find nipa huts where you can sit and relax. This natural attraction served as a haven of different birds, at the same time, fishermen can also catch different species of fi ...

  • The Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary

    The province of Palawan is one of the most attractive regions of the Philippines. The beautiful landscapes of this province are like paradise on earth for nature lovers and adventurers. Palawan is also well known of its tropical forests. But there is this islet off the coast of Palawan in Mimaropa region that has been declared a protected site due to the numerous species of birds that are living there. They call it,"Ursula Island: Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary."

    The Ursula Island Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary were declared through Administrative Order No. 14 on April 30, 1960.
    This isla ...