Ugong Rock Adventure

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Ugong Rock is a 75-foot limestone formation in the midst of farmlands and karst forests or forests growing on limestone substrate in Barangay Tagabinet, a community of indigenous people from Palawan. The word "ugong" stands for the reverberating sound that stalactites produce inside of Ugong Rock when hit or pounded with the knuckles or the hand.

Ugong Rock Adventures offer a diffe ...

rent kind of experience. You would climb up through steep rocks, pass through narrow passages and cry your heart out at their zipline, where they boast of to be the fastest zipline in the country.

Ugong Rock Adventure News

  • Travel VLOG: Ugong Rock Adventure, Underground River, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines PART 1

    Hi! After the wedding we went to Puerto Princesa for a vacation. We stayed at Blue Palawan Beach Club for 5 days. On our 1st day, we just stayed at the resort. (I love their Sizzling Bulalo by the way, or Sizzling Beef Shank in english) The resort is located right at the heart of Puerto Princesa City, has a beach front, high-tide up until 3-4PM, it is well-maintained, clean, uncrowded and very relaxing. They offer lots of Package Tours around Puerto, so on our 2nd day we availed the Underground River tour. On our way to Underground River we had a segway tour to Ugong Rock Adventures (while kil ...

  • S And T Helped Make Bamboo Zip Bike The Newest Attraction In Palawan

    S And T Helped Make Bamboo Zip Bike The Newest Attraction In Palawan

    A bike with a bamboo frame is now the newest attraction at Ugong Rock in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Called the Bamboo Zip Bike, the adventure is a fun combination of bike and zipline that surely gives the tourists, both local and foreign, the thrill and the chance to enjoy nature.

    The Bamboo Zip Bike Adventure allows thrill-seeking visitors to explore the breathtaking scenery in Ugong Rock using a bamboo bike on a 250-meter-long high wire suspended at about 90 feet from the ground.

    Along with two more traditional ziplines, the Bamboo Zip Bike Adventure is now one of the most popular ...

  • Palawan 2016

    Palawan 2016

    It took me a while to write about my Palawan trip I was in the midst of my depression and it was really hard for me to talk about things, what's going on with my life, etc. So here's what happened.

    We boarded the plane around 1:30pm and arrived at around 2:30pm. From what I remember, Puerto Princesa City is just an hour away from Manila by plane. (Thanks to Philippines Airlines!!!). We checked in at Citystate Asturias Hotel (Look for online reviews of this hotel! Their service is really good and fast). After resting for about two hours, Tita Dette and Mom wanted to go out. Unfortunately, it ...

  • A DIY Tour Of The Puerto Princesa Underground River Palawan

    A DIY Tour Of The Puerto Princesa Underground River Palawan

    A couple of weeks have already passed since I went on a Tao Expedition in Palawan, but I'm still hung up on the experience.

    Palawan is beautiful, no one can argue with that.

    In fact, in the latest survey of their readers, the Conde Nast Traveler has again included Palawan in the top 5 most beautiful islands in the world, where it once hogged the first place three years running.

    While writing about my experience with Tao Expedition, though, I was distracted by a question from a couple of readers: is it possible to go on a DIY (do it yourself) tour of the Puerto Princesa Underground Riv ...

  • Guest Post Palawans Best Outdoor Activities

    Guest Post Palawans Best Outdoor Activities

    Palawan is known to be a tropical paradise in the Philippines. Such title has been given due to the profusion of the island's natural wonders. With the abundance of natural beauty, the finest moments are best spent time in the wide open spaces of Palawan where the splendor of nature is well-exhibited.

    Aside from being famous for water sports and other exciting Palawan activities, this island has more to offer with its outdoor adventures. The list of the things you can do in this island destination can be endless, but we've rounded up the best outdoor activities that you can enjoy when you'r ...

  • Discovering Palawan In 2 Days

    Discovering Palawan In 2 Days

    My first Palawan experience was a blast! Even though it was only for two days, we were able to visit few tourist spots and had some island hopping. It was a two days full of non stop tour and we really made the most of our time. Though due to time constraints we had only toured destinations in Puerto Princesa area which gives me more reason to go back and explore other places especially Coron and El Nido. Of course, I won't be keeping those happy thoughts with me, so let me share with you my 2 -day Palawan Escapade :) .

    Originally, Palawan is not included in my travel itinerary for this yea ...