Twin Peaks Reef

Coron, Palawan

Twin Peaks Reef is located in Coron, Palawan. It is a snorkeling and diving spot teaming with colorful corals and a variety of reef fishes. Two limestone rock formations marked the spot and looked like two towering peaks - thus the name "Twin Peaks" come from.

Twin Peaks Reef News

  • Best Of The Philippines Coron Island Palawan

    Our Adventure in Paradise: Off The Grid on Coron Island. Palawan, "The Last Frontier" of The Philippines. A Vlog Series highlighting the Must-Sees!

    Where We Stayed: Paolyn Houseboat on Coron Island.

    Check out all his room options at

    What We Saw: Twin Lagoon, Barracuda Lake, Kayangan Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Twin Peaks Coral Garden, Hidden Beach.

    How we got there: Flew direct to Busuanga on Philippine Air & SkyJet, via Cebu City and Manila.

  • Another Look At Palawan Coron Travel Guide

    Another Look At Palawan Coron Travel Guide

    Located at the northern side of the Palawan strip, Coron is a forty-five minute to one hour turbo propeller-powered plane ride from Manila. Major domestic airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, and Zest Air regularly fly here. The airport in Busuanga, Coron is a thirty minute ride to the town proper so it's highly recommended to hire a van service prior to going there.

    Coron is a small rural town so don't expect to find five-star posh hotels there. After all, it's the marine biodiversity, pristine white sand beaches and beautiful limestone rock formation that makes it a very popul ...

  • San Vicente Port Barton Island Hopping

    San Vicente Port Barton Island Hopping

    There's an advantage and disadvantage of staying in San Vicente town proper as I have learned. Advantage is that I get to stay real close to San Vicente's Long Beach, the longest white beach in Palawan which I have immensely enjoyed combing through. Disadvantage is that Island Hopping here is costly unlike if I stay in Port Barton. The Island hopping tours (A to D) only cost Php 700 per head for a minimum of four people in a group. But since I'm travelling alone, I would have to shell out Php 2,000 to get to Port Barton by boat. The people at tourism office said if there are any groups from he ...

  • Travel Log Day 2 Of My Solo Adventure Coron Palawan

    Travel Log Day 2 Of My Solo Adventure Coron Palawan

    You know what's good about traveling alone? You set your own pace, you don't have to compromise on what to do. You just think of something and do it. You don't have to argue with anyone, if you argued with yourself; that would be damn scary.

    Island Tour

    I made a reservation during my first day with Calamianes Expedition. Since I'm alone, I was part of a joiner tour. Where I would be joining other people to lessen the expenses. There were a lot of packages to choose from and a lot of tour providers within the Coron. Since I've been seeing their website poppin every time I search for tour ...

  • Coron Experience

    Coron Experience

    If you are looking for an absolute tropical paradise teeming with white sand beaches, beautiful lakes and spectacular underwater scenery ??" Coron has it all!

    There are a lot of tours & activities being offered in Coron and it can be a little confusing which one to choose especially if you only have a very limited time. I am only going to talk about the 4 island trips that we have managed to do (in between hubby's diving trips).

    Coron Island.

    Limestone karst formations, nice swimming beaches, gorgeous lakes & lagoons make up most of this island. Kayangan Lake, dubbed as the cleanest i ...

  • Top 8 things to do in Coron

    Top 8 things to do in Coron

    Idyllic, scenic and majestic, Coron has been a go-to destination for tourists hoping to get a glimpse of paradise. From pristine white-sand beaches and towering limestone cliffs to agate-blue waters and world-class diving sites, its awe-inspiring scenery alone makes it worth a visit.

    But there's more to Coron than its sightseeing opportunities. It also offers a wealth of fun activities and exciting adventures you're not likely to experience elsewhere. Here are Skyscanner's favorites:

    1. Hop from island to island

    If you're visiting Coron for the first time, then island hopping is an a ...