Twin Lagoons Coron

Coron, Palawan

Twin Lagoons in Banuang Daan, Coron, Palawan, are two lagoons divided by a huge wall of limestone karst, the only way to get to the other lagoon is to swim through the hole or climb a wooden stairs.

The Twin Lagoons are one of the must-see destinations in the Coron Island Hopping Tour. One may notice that the waters in the twin lagoons may sometimes be blurry, this is caused by the ...

meeting of the salt water and fresh water.

The temperature of the waters in the Twin Lagoons also alternates between warm and cold, where the cold freshwater meets the hot salt water. It is very relaxing to just take a life jacket and just float and drift in the lagoon.

Twin Lagoons Coron News

  • Coron Palawan: Through My Lens, Island Paradise (4K UHD DJI MAVIC AIR)

    Solo travel to the World's Most Beautiful Island Paradise:


    - Day Tour: Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Atwayan Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Malwawey Coral Garden and Barracuda Lake.
    - Night Tour: Glittering Firefly Watching with Plankton Experience
    - Where I stayed: Coron Underwater Garden Resort

    "Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times."

  • Where To Stay In Coron Palawan Philippines

    Where To Stay In Coron Palawan Philippines

    Start with my full itinerary guide for Coron, Palawan. It includes everything you need to know about Coron island in the Philippines, how to get from Manila to Coron or Puerto Princesa to Coron, and the different Coron Palawan tour package you can find on this island.

  • The Cerulean Waters Of Coron

    The Cerulean Waters Of Coron

    When we speak of Palawan, we think of rich marine life, iridescent oceans, and spellbinding sunsets. Eager to have a firsthand experience of its wonders, I spent the last days of June navigating the waters of Coron Island in northern Palawan.

    On the boat ride to our first destination, I discovered that the sea looked picturesquely cerulean. This was exactly how most people described it. But like a kaleidoscope being rotated, I watched from a distance how the colors eventually transitioned into silver and turquoise. I feared that if I closed my eyes, even for a moment, I would miss the unfol ...

  • Twin Lagoons A Guide To Corons Favourite Twin Lagoon

    Twin Lagoons A Guide To Corons Favourite Twin Lagoon

    Clear, pristine water and beautiful limestone cliffs. That's Twin Lagoons and pretty much the entirety of Coron. Everywhere you look, it's quite simply a very spectacular place to visit. Especially if, like me, you're from a place like England where the skies are dull and the water is always cold and murky.

  • Freediving In Coron, Palawan (Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck And More)

    Went to Coron with my friends from Orca Freedivers Philippines.

    -Siete Pecados
    -Kayangan Lake
    -Barracuda Lake
    -Skeleton Wreck
    -Twin Lagoon

  • A Tropical Paradise Coron Palawan

    The more I travel, the more I look back at the time we spent here and realize how special this place really is.

    I hope you enjoy my latest travel video of Coron Palawan, the crown jewel of South East Asia.