Twin Lagoons Coron

Coron, Palawan

Twin Lagoons in Banuang Daan, Coron, Palawan, are two lagoons divided by a huge wall of limestone karst, the only way to get to the other lagoon is to swim through the hole or climb a wooden stairs.

The Twin Lagoons are one of the must-see destinations in the Coron Island Hopping Tour. One may notice that the waters in the twin lagoons may sometimes be blurry, this is caused by the ...

meeting of the salt water and fresh water.

The temperature of the waters in the Twin Lagoons also alternates between warm and cold, where the cold freshwater meets the hot salt water. It is very relaxing to just take a life jacket and just float and drift in the lagoon.

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  • Coron Budget Travel Guide 2017

    Once is never enough.

    Heck, when it comes to Coron, four times still won’t cut it. This little tourist town in Palawan one of the first destinations we set foot in as travel bloggers, but even after three more visits, we still can’t get enough of it. Its jagged corners are bursting with natural beauty and cultural significance: from the lakes and lagoons of Coron Island, to neighboring beaches, to shipwreck dive sites and coral gardens, to saltwater hot springs, to postcard-worthy views from its mountaintops. Heck, they even have an African Safari nearby.

    Yet, every time we return, w ...

  • Coron Palawan Kayangan Lake Snorkeling Island Hopping And More

    Coron in Palawan, Philippines. Coron is belongs to the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Besides El Nido, Coron is the most known destination on Palawan. Like El Nido, Coron has beautiful sights that you can find by island hopping. However, Coron is a bit less touristy than El Nido. Some of the sights include Coron Bay, Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Banol Beach or Siete Pecados. It is also worth it to do a motor bike trip from Coron in the direction of Busuanga.

    I did not have a lot of footage, so I hope that you still enjoy my video of Coron. I personally love the drone footage. Let me k ...

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    The first time I was in Coron, Palawan was in 2015. I only spent three days exploring Coron Island and was not able to fully enjoy what the place had to offer. Here is my blog entry of my first visit to Coron, Palawan

    Coron has also been in the news, because of the announced plan of Nickelodeon to construct an underwater resort there. This plan was opposed by many environmentalists because of the ill effects that it may cause on the ecological balance on the islands. So what better time to go back to Coron, while it still remains pristine.

    So when Cebu Pacific had a seat sale sometime ...

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    If you will ask me what is my favorite place in Luzon, my answer is Palawan.

    I wanted to share our DIY tour, budget and tips on how you can maximize your travel if you are planning to visit Coron and Culion Palawan.

    In below itinerary I placed Culion on the first day mainly because it is quite hard to travel here especially if you are planning to take the public ferry. We also anticipate that if there will be any mishap on the transportation going back in Coron we still have plenty of time to adjust our plans. We stay less than 24hrs in this island and our limited time restrict us to vis ...

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    Going to Twin Lagoon, Coron Island, Philippines.

  • 10 Adventurous Things To Do In Coron Palawan

    Just mention Coron to any Filipino and their eyes light up at the thought of it. Many Filipinos have never been there themselves, but they'll confidently declare that Coron is the most beautiful place in the Philippines. Travel + Leisure even named Palawan, the province that Coron is part of, as the world's best island. Needless to say, we were excited to visit the island that made so many go gaga over it. After spending two weeks hopping around Coron Town and on islands around it, we've come up with the top adventurous things to do in Coron that you shouldn't miss when you visit.

    1. Hike M ...