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  • Lake Manguao In Palawan A Sanctuary For Wildlife

    Lake Manguao In Palawan A Sanctuary For Wildlife

    This municipality's government is working on its application to declare a lake in the area a Wetland of International Importance.

    If the application is granted, its ecological function and economic, cultural, scientific and recreational value will be recognized.

    Lake Manguao currently serves as a tourist spot for residents of Palawan. Locals can freely visit and wade in the water.

    Getting there only takes 15 minutes of land travel from the Poblacion.

    The lake is also a source of income for nearby residents. Aside from fish, Lake Manguao is also home to various wildlife such as the ...

  • Palawan Conservation Agreements Signed Renewed

    Palawan Conservation Agreements Signed Renewed

    Malampaya Foundation recently renewed conservation agreements (CA's) and signed two new covenants to continue its conservation work and commitments in the municipalities of Linapacan and Taytay, Palawan.

    CA's renewed in Linapacan were with: Tarabidan Y Ang Mairentek Na Manegpangisda sa Barangay San Miguel and Narunutan Y ang Manegbila na Tagbanua Tong Barangay Pical. While in the municipality of Taytay, renewal was conducted with the Malampaya Sound Protected Seascape and Landscape (MSPLS) Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) and Samahan ng mga Nagkakaisa sa Kaunlara ng Bgy Tumbod.

    New ...

  • Discover The Indigenous Conservation Strategies Of The Tagbanuas Through Dr Raoul Colas Latest Book

    World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines launches the book entitled The Tagbanua of Malampaya Sound: Conserving Nature As Lifeways which was authored by Dr. Raoul Cola a veteran conservationist that tackles on the indigenous conservation strategies of the Tagbanuas in Palawan. They were one of the oldest tribes in the Philippines where mainly found in the Malampaya Sound in northern and central Palawan which according to research that they are possible descendants of the Tabon Man which refers to the fossilized anatomically modern human remains discovered by Dr. Robert B. Fox in the island ...

  • CEC Talks Nature Turtle Community Unites In Time

    CEC Talks Nature Turtle Community Unites In Time

    When a haul of more than 4,000 endangered turtles were confiscated from a well-organized syndicate of poachers in the Philippines in mid-June, a successful rescue story seemed unlikely.

    Discovered in a Chinese-owned warehouse on the island of Palawan, many of the animals were in poor condition and were destined for the illegal food and pet trade markets in East Asia.

    But thanks to the rapid response orchestrated by a coalition of turtle conservation groups, the good news is that 2,828 turtles have been released to date and after an initial peak of deaths in the first days, very few furth ...

  • Nature For All Converging To Save The Planet

    Nature For All Converging To Save The Planet

    The world is slipping away ??" 3 degrees Celsius at a time.

    It is clear that climate change is occurring. To tackle it, world leaders and scientists have agreed that we need to limit global average temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius over the next century. Yet, the planet remains on a trajectory to experience an increase of 3 degrees C.

    Such a temperature rise will likely see a momentous drop in food production, an increase in heat waves, acceleration in sea level rise, and more droughts, wildfires, and floods.

    Despite the dire situation, there are glimmers of hope.

    As President ...

  • Taytay An Unexplored Piece Of Paradise In Palawan

    Taytay An Unexplored Piece Of Paradise In Palawan

    You may have already known that a Taytay exists ??" Taytay, Rizal that is. But the Taytay we are referring to here is located in that slice of heaven we call Palawan. Knowing the beauty of Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa, surely there must be some place else in this province that offers the same but less tourist-y. Well, you won't be disappointed as Taytay, Palawan can offer just that.

    What to do in Taytay

    Well, island hopping has become synonymous with beaches in the Philippines. Almost anywhere you go, there will be people offering you trips across the different islands close by. Gi ...