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  • Treasures Of Taytay Palawan

    The Dalai Lama said, "once a year, go someplace you've never been before," and I couldn't agree more. How exciting it is to go somewhere new each and every year. More than that, how fulfilling it is to immerse in a different culture; to meet new people along the way; and to delight in the untouched, wonderful gifts of nature. This quote inspired me to travel often and explore the country and its many hidden corners. While others are going gaga over the more popular destinations, I try to find peace in unadulterated islands or coves; in roads less-traveled. This year, one of the destinations I' ...

  • The Malampaya Sound Land And Seascape

    Located at the northwestern part of the Province of Palawan covering an area of about 200,155 hectares 56% (111,379 has.), the Malampaya Sound and Seascape Protected Area is made up of terrestrial (anything related to land) and coastal /marine areas. Thus, it is ecologically and economically important both as a watershed and a rich fishing ground.

    In the past, it is dubbed as the "Fishbowl of the Philippines" a cliché' that Palawan as a whole is rich in marine resources.

    However, it is no longer today, since over the past years, the population began to increase as people began to migrat ...

  • Taytay Palawan The Star Of The North

    La Estrella Del Norte, or "The star of the North" when translated in English, aptly describes the Municipality of Taytay.

    It is one of the twenty three (23) municipalities of Palawan. Aside from being one of the province’s oldest municipalities, Taytay is also the first ever capital city of the province.

    Taytay is to be found in the northern part of Palawan. It has gained its title as "The Star of the North", since it is the first capital city of the province of Palawan. This town is rich in historical, cultural and environmental value. It was founded in the year 1623 during the Spanis ...

  • All About Engineering Malampaya Sound Pr

    This blog is for our research about Landscape and Seascape here in the Philippines. And the place assigned to me is the Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape and Seascape. The next information will detailed more about the place including its general information, conservation status, physical features, biological features and etc.if you want to know more about this wonderful place then continue reading this.

    The information I've got is from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).


    Area: 200,115 ha
    Legal Basis: Proclamation 324 dated July 12, 2000 a ...