Taraw Peak

El Nido, Palawan

Taraw Peak, also called Taraw Cliff, is one of the highest points in El Nido. "Taraw" is a Cuyunon (Palawan's dialect) word for mountains. These "taraws" you see in El Nido are actually limestone karst, inside those you find the ingredient or the most expensive food in the world- Nido Soup or locally known as "Balinsasayaw.

Taraw Peak or Taraw Cliff News

  • 10 Things To Do In El Nido Palawan

    10 Things To Do In El Nido Palawan

    El Nido is a major tourist destination in the Philippines. This coastal town in Palawan is renowned for its white-sand beaches, coral reefs and stunning limestone cliffs. Composed of 45 islands and islets, each with its own unique geological formations, El Nido consistently ranks as one of the best island destinations in the Philippines.

  • Most Beautiful Place In The World - Palawan Islands Philippines In 4K

    Hi! Cristian and Elodie here!..

    We are a Chilean couple and this is the first video of our paradise trip together. Around The Philippines!!!

    We stayed 2 nights in Coron where we did the Coron Ultime Tour after that we stayed 6 nights in El Nido, where we did Tour A and C, but also visit some incredible spots by ourselves, like Nacpan Beach, Las Cabanas Beach, Corong-Corong and Taraw Cliff.

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    El Nido Palawan Full Travel Guide With Practical Itinerary

    El Nido, Palawan: Full Travel Guide with Practical Itinerary is a work in progress. Ive been to El Nido many times, and just paid another visit in May 2017 to introduce my husband to one of my favorite places, and of course, to update this guide!

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    Palawan Itinerary For Backpackers 2-Week Budget Guide

    Palawan needs no introduction. Tourists fly to the Philippines to see its top-notching paradise islands. However, there is not much online articles available for budget travelers backpacking Palawan. Most resources are targeting weekend tourists who are prepared to spend for food and accommodations. In this post, however, I will share a suggested 2-week Palawan itinerary, budget, activities, and contact details based on my personal experiences; I hope that they will be helpful to those planning to explore Palawan.

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    In today's video we're visiting 5 islands in El Nido Palawan along with some hidden beaches! We'll also show you the beautiful Matinloc Shrine located on one of the islands!

  • Hiking Taraw Cliff

    Hiking Taraw Cliff

    I think scaling mountains on our anniversary is an unspoken thing. It's never in our intention to hike every anniversary, but it happens all the time.

    I guess, part of it is the need to pause from climbing the corporate ladder and have a breather. Another part is simply because we have always been in constant search for adventure and we love doing offbeat things together.

    So for our third anniversary, Jan and I conquered El Nido's highest, the Taraw Cliff.

    I would say we are truly blessed that we don't have to go too far to experience one of the world's greatest wonders. I am so grate ...