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  • Honda Bay Palawan Luli Island and Pambat

    Doing a city tour in Puerto Princesa is much easier compared to other cities in the Philippines. Once you landed in the airport and hire a tricycle to go to your hotel, that same tricycle will offer you a city tour package and Honda Bay Package. Generally, these tricycle drivers are honest thus they will not take advantage of you.

    Tricycles are not as comfortable as the Vans that the hotels and travel agency offer. But Tricycles are far more cheap and flexible. we hired a tricycle for Php700.00 for the city tour and Php400.00 for the Honda Bay tour (well I think his price Honda Bay in expe ...

  • Starfish Island Palawan

    Island hopping is a definite must whenever in Palawan!. Its beaches are just so breathtaking with skies so azure and waters so pristine! Being one of the best places I the great opportune to visit and explore, it’s about time to update my travel diaries and give you a glimpse of its memorable islands.

    View from our boat. See how clear the water is!.

    Five point starfish. Four point starfish. Sand got unsettled with all the wadding around.

    The island is owned by these starfishes. They are everywhere! They are legion!.

    Starfish Island is tiny. Would it have been better called “St ...

  • Palawan Starfish Island

    As a city girl, I was curious about Palawan. I am not a beach person. I even dread summer because I easily tan and I can’t stand the heat. I would even bring an umbrella with me to the beach if it isn’t such an inconvenience.

    It’s hard not to fall in love with beaches, as you can see above. Considering that the first island we visited gave me a wound to remember and rendered me limping for the next few days of our trip, the pain cannot overpower my senses. Let me give you a visual tour of the island where I had that little mishap and see for yourself how it was all too easy to be forg ...