Siete Pecados Marine Park

Coron, Palawan

Siete Pecados is the most known and closest snorkeling destination around Coron. The literal meaning of the name Siete Pecados is "Seven Sins". The legend has it that seven sister went swimming against their mothers will, all of them drowned and afterwards seven islands appeared.

The marine life around the Islands are amazing, when you snorkel you will see countless of fishes and th ...

e bottom is covered with hard corals.

Siete Pecados Marine Park News

  • Jam-Packed 4-Day Travel Guide In Coron Palawan

    Jam-Packed 4-Day Travel Guide In Coron Palawan

    Coron, Palawan has been in my list of places to visit here in the Philippines.

    Like I intended, I should visit El Nido first (which I already did last year) then Coron (which I have done this year) *insert happy dance. I got this advice from a lot of people who already visited both destinations. You might know that these two beautiful places will always be compared with each other. They are both wonderful, but as I always say, travel and experiences will always be subjective.

  • Freediving In Coron, Palawan (Barracuda Lake, Skeleton Wreck And More)

    Went to Coron with my friends from Orca Freedivers Philippines.

    -Siete Pecados
    -Kayangan Lake
    -Barracuda Lake
    -Skeleton Wreck
    -Twin Lagoon

  • Coron Palawan Paradise In The Philippines

    Accommodation: Wild Fern Coron Villa
    Flight: Cebu Pacific
    Itinerary: Mt. Tapyas, Siete Picados, Kayangan Lake, CYC beach , Beach 91 for lunch and Twin Lagoon.

  • Things To Do In Coron Make The Most Of This Paradise Island In Palawan

    Things To Do In Coron Make The Most Of This Paradise Island In Palawan

    Most people have gathered by now that the Philippines is paradise, though there does seem to be some out there that still need a little convincing of this. Sure its not Thailand or The Seychelles, but thats a good thing! Here on the small and unassuming island of Coron off the northern end of the island of Palawan tourism is still in its infancy. Here local culture still thrives, prices are cheap and tourists are fewer in numbers than in some of the more well know beach resorts around the world. But here the quality and quantity of beautiful limestone lagoons, tranquil turquoise seas and breat ...

  • Day 1 Of My Summer Vacation To Palawan Philippines

    Join me as I start off my summer preparing for my trip to Palawan! I will be visiting Kayangan Lake, Siete Picados Marine Park, Beach 91, Twin Lagoons, Malwawey Reef & Coral Garden, Skeleton Wreck and Cyc Beach.

  • Coron And Culion 4D3N itinerary Budget

    Coron And Culion 4D3N itinerary Budget

    If you will ask me what is my favorite place in Luzon, my answer is Palawan.

    I wanted to share our DIY tour, budget and tips on how you can maximize your travel if you are planning to visit Coron and Culion Palawan.

    In below itinerary I placed Culion on the first day mainly because it is quite hard to travel here especially if you are planning to take the public ferry. We also anticipate that if there will be any mishap on the transportation going back in Coron we still have plenty of time to adjust our plans. We stay less than 24hrs in this island and our limited time restrict us to vis ...