Secret Lagoon Miniloc Island

El Nido, Palawan

Secret Lagoon Miniloc Island is located in El Nido, Palawan. Secret Lagoon, also known as Hidden Lagoon, of Miniloc Island. The temperature inside is much cooler because it is constantly in the shadows of the limestone cliffs enclosing it.

Secret Lagoon Miniloc Island News

  • Take That Long Weekend Trip

    Take That Long Weekend Trip

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  • A Helpful Guide To Island Hopping In El Nido Palawan

    A Helpful Guide To Island Hopping In El Nido Palawan

    El Nido, Palawan is the gem of the Philippines, with mind-blowing scenery matched with a small island town atmosphere is why this location is so popular. El Nido island hopping is the number one attraction here and with good reason, it is freaking amazing.

  • The Magic Of El Nido Palawan

    The Magic Of El Nido Palawan

    One of the world's favorite destinations is the island of Palawan. And a popular choice for most to visit is the world-renowned El Nido. I've always dreamed of ticking this place off my bucket list, and finally, I got that chance.

  • Island Hopping In El Nido Palawan Too Many Photos

    Island Hopping In El Nido Palawan Too Many Photos

    The only way to see El Nido is by boat. There isn't a lot to see in town but it all works out because the majestic island hopping more than makes up for it. Our day of island hopping already seems too far away as if the reality of the creation is slipping away from my memory. This year I have formed a deeper gratitude for photographs and videos that rekindle memories and breath life back into them. It's hard to put into words the unreal beauty of El Nido's bay and many islands so I will try and share this piece of heaven through photos and video.

  • El Nido Palawan

    Probably one of the best place to visit in the Philippines.

    This was our last year's adventure in EL NIDO, PALAWAN

    Recommended places to visit in EL NIDO :
    1. Small Lagoon
    2. Big Lagoon
    3. Secret Lagoon
    4. Shimizu Island
    5. 7 commando beach
    6. Helicopter Island
    7. Matinloc Shrine
    8. Secret Beach
    9. Star Beach
    10. Hidden Beack
    11. Taraw Peak
    12. Nacpan Beach
    13. Kuyawyaw Falls

  • Things To Keep In Mind Before Going To El Nido Palawan

    Things To Keep In Mind Before Going To El Nido Palawan

    El Nido is one of the most visited places in the Philippines by the foreign tourists. Youll be surprised how foreigners almost exceed the numbers of locals in El Nido.