Sangat Island

Busuanga, Palawan

Sangat Island is a tiny island in the Philippines situated 2 km off the coast of Busuanga close to Barangay Bintuan, Coron in the northern part of the Calamian Islands in the province of Palawan, the Philippines Western-most islands. The Calamian Islands are known for their many natural attractions and is a popular attraction for tourists and cruise lines.

Tourism is the main income ...

for the local community and a significant part of the island has been transformed into a resort with rentable cottages and exclusive villas. The island and resort is frequented by common tourists but also scuba divers who seek to explore some of the many Japanese shipwrecks still in the area around the Calamian Islands since World War II.  Wiki

Sangat Island News

  • Sangat Island Drone Footage

    This video is about the drone footage of Sangat Island the clean and clear water, the fine white sand and stunning views located in the municipality of Busuanga, Palawan.

  • Scuba Diving At Sangat Island

    Scuba Diving At Sangat Island

    Sangat Island, Philippines offers some of the best wreck diving sites in the world. These wrecks are not only great to explore from a historical point of view but they also provide a safe haven for some weird and wonderful creatures of the deep, attracting many advanced and beginner scuba diving enthusiasts from around the globe. Sangat Island also provides some amazing reef and cave diving experiences that are also sure to impress.

    Wreck Diving

    Wreck dives are amongst the most popular scuba diving attractions on Sangat Island due to their historical appeal. Divers from around the world ...

  • Cooking on vacation another way to explore the Philippines

    Cooking on vacation another way to explore the Philippines

    Traveling around the popular beach vacation spots in the Philippines usually means unwinding, picking a package at a resort, boat trips, ordering in, and spending way more than you should for wonderful seafood.

    Why not give cooking while on vacation a try? I did just that on my trip to Sangat Island, Coron Palawan ??" and I got a lot out of that experience. If you have time to kill on your trip, the technique is to load up on the free hotel breakfast before your boat ride. But the more interesting second step is to explore the local market and look into what the island has to offer.

    Ris ...

  • Mysterious Icon of Philippine Tourism

    Mysterious Icon of Philippine Tourism

    The beautiful and caressing arms of the Philippines have splendid and virgin beach resorts that everyone should a playful glimpse of. in Coron Palawan alone you'll get to know more of the unforgettable and timeless Sangat Island Reserve. Primarily, this is a tiny island of Las Islas Filipinas which is conveniently situated at least 2 kilometers off the coast of Busuanga. Moreover, this is an integral part of the serene Calamian Group of Islands that is blissfully found in the soothing embrace of Palawan. The Sangat Island Reserve is the only resort in Coron Bay Busuanga which is eternally near ...

  • Diving in Sangat

    Enjoying our diving in Sangat Island.

  • To paradise and back in five days

    To paradise and back in five days

    How does one explore northern Palawan in five days

    In the eco-adventure itinerary prepared by Cesar Cruz, president of Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), for our group of 13 tour operators, writers and tourism officers, it had us scheduled to take 15 boat rides, visit eight resorts/hotels (El Rio y Mar, Club Paradise, Busuanga Bay Lodge, Huma, Two Seasons, Sangat Island Dive Resort and Asia Grand View Hotel, Coron Westown Resort) stay at four, snorkel for a few hours in various waters to test their pristine state, hike so that we could view the sea from way up ??" and bring ho ...