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  • Long Beach At Mangrove River Cruise Sa Palawan

    Long Beach At Mangrove River Cruise Sa Palawan

    Hindi pa opisyal na nagsisimula ang summer season pero pwedeng-pwede nang magbabad sa Long Beach ng San Vicente, Palawan, o ang tinaguriang "Longest White Beach" sa Pilipinas.

    May dalampasigan itong aabot ng halos 15 kilometro. Pino ang buhangin at hindi pa gaanong matao.

    Pagkatapos mag-enjoy sa dagat, subukan namang mag-nature tripping sa isang ilog malapit dito -- ang Inandeng River sa Barangay New Agutaya.

    Dito maaaring mag-mangrove river cruise sakay ng kayak o 'di kaya ay motor boat.

    Makikita rito ang mayabong na kabakawan habang binabaybay ang ilog. Madarama ang sariwang hang ...

  • German Island Palawan Drone Shots Beautiful Island

    Here are the best islands to sneak away to while visiting Port Barton, Palawan. German Island is also a private island but doesn't require any fee for docking.

  • San Vicente Palawan A Series Of Unfortunate Events Days 3 And 4

    San Vicente Palawan A Series Of Unfortunate Events Days 3 And 4

    September 21, while still traumatized from the island hopping incident the day before (see here for the full story), we woke up a bit late in anticipation of yet another bad weather. We had the usual breakfast of daing (marinated dried fish), corned beef, eggs, and garlic rice, and of course, how could breakfast be complete without a warm cup of brown coffee?.

    After breakfast, we headed out to the market in front of Picardal Lodge to buy something for lunch. Our plan was to just laze around the long beach since we felt it was still impossible to go island hopping due to the weather.

    Pica ...

  • Protecting Port Bartons Coastal Environment

    Protecting Port Bartons Coastal Environment

    Port Barton is a community of migrants. "First Resident" Mayor Alejandro Villapando and Barangay Captain Romeo Garganta Sr. are from Quezon Province. The Bantay Dagat chairman, Edmundante Tayco, is from Masbate. Erstwhile Councilman and village elder Falconeri Tatoy is from Aklan. Seaweed growers' cooperative leader Florencia Alimodin is from Samar. The president of the resort owners association comes from far-away Switzerland.

    Indeed, each year, tourists from all over the world would visit Port Barton, drawn by the area's natural attractions. Aside from the white sand beach on the main cov ...

  • Untouched Beauty In San Vicente Palawan

    Untouched Beauty In San Vicente Palawan

    I felt overstimulated upon departing our hotel in Boracay, and looked forward to promised serenity in Palawan. However, I was unaware of quite how overstimulated I would be by the end of the day.

    See, Secret Paradise Resort & Turtle Sanctuary is remote. Off the electrical grid. Only accessible by boat. It ticked all my 'get away from it all' boxes. The thing is, I underestimated the potent combination that is a remote place and a third world infrastructure. I had no idea it would take from before sunrise to after sunset to arrive! To give you an idea, it went like this: 30 min van ride, 20 ...

  • Snorkeling In Port Barton Palawan Philippines

    Port Barton is a little village on the beautiful island of Palawan in the Philippines. There are many little islands dotting the waters just beyond the shores, and these are where I filmed this video.