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  • Climbing Mt Mantalingajan Philippines Ba

    Matalingajan is the highest peak of Palawan. It's one of the most difficult climbs of the country. The jump off point of the climb is at Ransang Barangay, Rizal. Lonely Planet describe Rizal as a "extremely remote town" and warn that if you go further south you're in the realm of modern pirates.

    From Ransang there's 3 days of mountainous hiking before you'll reach the final campsite at Palay Palay, from there it's another 2-3 hours to summit. The first 3 days of the hike is below 800m altitude, it's here that night time camping in particular will expose you to some serious insect annoyance ...

  • Most Beautiful Place in The World Island

    El Nido is widely considered to be the world's most beautiful place and to have the most beautiful islands. The water is the clearest I've ever seen, the weather was incredible and the beaches are phenomenal.Unlike most beautiful beaches, El Nido isn't overly touristy so you aren't competing with crowds but it is developed enough to have awesome bars and restaurants. I highly recommend a trip to the Philippines and definitely to El Nido, Palawan.

  • 6 Day 8 Island Hopping Boat Trip Around

    Around Linapacan there are hundreds of undeveloped paradise beach islands, crystal clear waters with excellent snorkeling, caves to explore, and rural fishing villages where you can experience the true and generous hospitality and warm hearts of Filipinos, which you will not experience in the major tourist destinations.