Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Narra, Palawan

Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Panacan, Narra, Palawan and has a size of 1983 hectares.

Rasa Island and Wildlife Sanctuary News

  • The Philippines Perusing Palawan May 10-14 2016

    In another attempt to dodge reality, Ross and I decided to hop on over to the Philippines for some last-minute, fast-paced birding. With only three and a half weeks off, we decided on an itinerary that would include Palawan, Cebu, Negros, Bohol, and Mindanao (this last island Ross would be doing alone because I could only get two weeks off of work).

    Ross and I were both super excited to visit Southeast Asia again, and were especially excited to visit the Philippines, where we'd heard nothing but good things from those who had visited. The Philippines is an archipelago made up of over 7,000 ...

  • Palawan Wants 5 Areas Out Of E-Nipas

    A Senate initiative to amend a law governing protected areas in the country has touched off yet another environmental debate in Congress and in Palawan, which hosts most of the country's established national parks and protected areas.

    The Palawan provincial government wants five of the province's protected areas excluded from the proposed Enhanced National Integrated Protected Areas System E-Nipas law, claiming it would restrict development projects around these protected areas.

    The sites are the Puerto Princesa Underground River, El Nido Marine Reserve, Rasa Island, Mantalingahan Range ...

  • Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program

    The alarming reduction of the Philippine Cockatoo population to only 23 birds on Rasa Island in the Municipality of Narra in Palawan, prompted the LGU to pursue the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program (PCCP).

    Commencing in July 1998, the PCCP was designed as a community-based wildlife conservation program that entailed the transformation of bird poachers into wildlife protection wardens. This core strategy immediately removed the main threat factor to the endangered cockatoos and also provided the program with valuable indigenous knowledge for its management. The program included the p ...

  • Katala Festival A Celebration Of Thriving Philippine Cockatoo

    Even to non-bird watchers, the annual Katala Festival in Narra, Palawan is a day of excitement.

    There will be face-painting, coloring book painting, origami-making and other games for children and adults at the Katala Festival on June 26.

    The Wild Bird Club (WBC) will be there to help organizer Katala Foundation Incorported (KFI) in manning the activities.

    KFI is also a partner of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

    But this festival is more than a funfare: it is a conservation advocacy for a critically endangered bird like Katala, a local word for Philippin ...

  • Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary

    Palawan is known for having amazing white sand beaches and beautiful spots that will take your breath away. But if ever you find yourself experiencing monotony in visiting beaches and wanted something exciting and new adventure...

    If all you wanted was to sit and watch birds at dusk or dawn then it's time for you to experience the grandeur of this island!

    Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary is just two hours away from Puerto Princesa City. Located at Barangay Panacan in the Municipality of Narra which is known for being the rice granary capital of Palawan, it is now the Cockatoo Capital of th ...

  • Philippines Power Plant Threatens Rare Cockatoos

    The Philippine cockatoo is facing extinction. Only around 1,000 of these magnificent birds remain, and the largest population can be found on Rasa, a tiny island just off Palawan in the Philippines. This location – of all places – has been chosen for a coal power plant. Please urge the Philippine authorities to stop the plans.

    Screeching raucously, a flight of endangered Philippine cockatoos crosses the narrow strait that separates the tiny coral island Rasa from Palawan, a much larger island and the birds' feeding ground, for Rasa is too small to support the population. This vital rout ...