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  • Top Reasons To See Quezon Palawan This Summer

    Top Reasons To See Quezon Palawan This Summer

    First thing that usually comes to mind when 'Quezon, Palawan' is mentioned is the famous Tabon Cave where Dr. Fox and his team uncovered the historic Manunggul Jar. Every Filipino must have studied it back in their elementary days and as a Palawenya, it does gives me much pride even though I'm technically not from the municipality itself.

    Few weeks ago, I read from a local news page story how one can reach Tabon Cave Complex in Quezon, Palawan. The news rekindled my almost forgotten desire to cross "see Quezon, Palawan" off my bucket list. Now that I had the chance to see the place, let me ...

  • The Tabon Caves An Enchanting Treasure Of Palawan Everyone Must Discover

    The Tabon Caves An Enchanting Treasure Of Palawan Everyone Must Discover

    More often than not, tourists visit El Nido, Puerto Princesa or Coron in Palawan. But there's more to this beautiful island than these three popular destinations. A place in Palawan that is also worth exploring is Quezon. It's where the enigmatic Tabon Caves are found, and there's so much to see in this natural wonder.

    Prior to visiting the Tabon Caves, visit the museum first where you'll know more about the caves, the Tabon Tribe where the name was originally derived from, and see the different original artifacts (some are replicas) found here. You are also required to register here where ...

  • Tataran Island Worth A Visit

    Tataran Island Worth A Visit

    Tataran Island is one of the islands nearest to Tabon Cave and just 15-20-min boat ride away. It is a sand bar island with coconut trees. It is also perfect for diving as the island has lush coral reef that faces the West Philippine Sea.

    There are also other islands for a tourist to explore, but since we don't have enough time. We just stay here till we drop lol.

    A serene place that will made you swim all you want. We had our photo-ops when we went down at the boat and immediately soak our body in bluish inviting salt water. A satisfying experience after a very long climb, it was indeed ...

  • Tabon Cave Complex Of Palawan

    Tabon Cave Complex Of Palawan

    Tabon Cave complex is a tourist destination in Quezon, Palawan. It is a historical site managed by the National Museum and also declared as a National Cultural Treasure. The complex has 200+ known caves, according to locals 29 have been explored and 9 of these are open to the public, namely;Liyang, Tabon, Diwata, Igang, Manunggul, Sarang, Amang, Tadyaw and Dicalan.

    After a successful climb in Mantalingahan, we bid our goodbye to the friendly locals, including KuyaAgne and KuyaBinoy at Quezon Terminal. Before going to Tabon Cave Complex, a permit from National Museum (Cenro Branch) is requir ...

  • Palawan Sight Seeing

    • Tabon Caves in Quezon. The Caves were the discovery site of the skull cap remains of the Tabon Man estimated to be 22,000 years old. Explore its 138 hectares of rugged cliffs and deep slopes and breathtaking sea view.

    Unlike most of the Philippines, Palawan is biogeographically part of Sundaland, with a fauna and flora
    related to that found in Borneo.

    Among the many endemic species are the Palawan Peacock-pheasant, Philippine Mouse-deer, Philippine Pangolin, Palawan Bearded Pig, and Palawan Birdwing. In the forests and grasslands, the air resonates with the songs of more than 200 ki ...