Port Barton Marine Park

San Vicente, Palawan

Port Barton Marine Park is located in San Vincente, Palawan and is a 74,483-ha marine reserve that stretches from the south shore of Albaguen Island to the rest of the inner bay. It includes reefs fringing many islands as well as patch reefs. Underwater visibility is generally very good. It contains numerous coral reefs like the Manta Ray Reef and Black Coral Reef, which form the core zone of the ...

park. They serve as a recreational and nursery areas of fish populations.

Port Barton Marine Park News

  • Philippines Sea Turtle Swim, Port Barton Palawan

    Philippines Sea Turtle Swim- Port Barton Palawan. Today in Palawan we head to Port Barton for a Sea turtle adventure! An amazing one at that cause we saw a dugong as well! Which is crazy.

  • Snorkeling In Port Barton Palawan Philippines

    Port Barton is a little village on the beautiful island of Palawan in the Philippines. There are many little islands dotting the waters just beyond the shores, and these are where I filmed this video.

  • Island Hopping In Port Barton The Philippines

    Island Hopping In Port Barton The Philippines

    In half a day we'd left the tranquil jungle and river of Loboc, hopped on a ferry and landed in bustling Cebu City which was a massive contrast with people everywhere and horrible traffic jams, not to mention the smell of sewage, especially in our hotel bathroom. Luckily we just had to hang around a day till our flight to Puerto Princesa on Palawan Island. From where we got a van to the fishing village of Port Barton.

    The last 20km to the town were pretty nasty dirt tracks with dust filling the air. The area looked like a sepia tone old movie with the banana trees all a pale brown colour fr ...

  • Port Barton Palawan An Undiscovered Gem

    Port Barton Palawan An Undiscovered Gem

    Chino: You had a busy start to the year and all you want is to slow things down a bit. You have come to the right place.

    Port Barton, Palawan is an untouched gem of the Philippines. When you board the 45-minute flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa, you can be pretty sure that a vast majority of the plane will be making the pilgrimage to the famed El Nido, maybe stopping by Sabang to tour the underground river and taking the boat from El Nido to continue north to Coron.

    Getting to Port Barton in San Vicente, Palawan is an adventure in itself. This amazing sleepy beach town is situated a ...

  • Diving In Port Barton And Coron Palawan Philippines 2015 Part 1

    Diving in Port Barton and Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

  • Turtle Snorkeling

    Turtle Snorkeling Palawan, Port Barton.