Port Barton Beach

San Vicente, Palawan

Port Barton Beach is located in San Vicente, Palawan. It is one of the longest undeveloped beaches in the country. It is an ideal place for vacation. Diving, snorkeling, island hopping, walking and hiking are the activities that can be done here.

Port Barton Beach News

  • Palawan Port Barton, Coron Never Fade

    This is our trip to Port Barton Palawan, we left the main city (Puerto Princesa) at 3pm, we reached Port barton at 6pm then we booked an island tour the next morning, it's a very short escape so we need to get a shot as many as we can, suddenly, the weather is not as good as we expected.

    The rain started to fall so I dont have a choice but to go and use the Gopro, I tried to shoot all the way with my main camera but i didn't make it because of the weather, (its raining). I was forced to use my Gopro. when the suns starts to show, Kevin finally got the chance to fly his drone to get some foo ...

  • A Tranquil Place Called Port Barton

    A Tranquil Place Called Port Barton

    Sometimes, dont you wonder where you can just get out of the city and into a more tranquil land? Where you can enjoy witnessing the sun settling over the horizon and clear and breathtaking waters in which you can dive in and be taken aback what this little island could offer. Have you ever wondered how rich in marine biodiversity the Cleanest and Greenest island in the Philippines is?

    If you are looking for a quiet getaway, make a trip to the village of Port Barton, where pristine islands and glimmering waters invite you closer.

    Port Barton is located in the Northwestern part of Palawan, ...

  • Port Barton Experience The Old And Untouched Palawan

    Port Barton Experience The Old And Untouched Palawan

    Between Coron in danger of being destroyed and El Nido slowly getting overrun, Palawan purists are in search of the good old days. Before the jostling crowds and the badly-planned theme parks, there was just paradise. Now that Palawan is approaching a tipping point, one of the small lights glimmering in the distance is Port Barton.

  • Headed To Port Barton For Some Quietude

    Headed To Port Barton For Some Quietude

    I left El Nido with migraine pounding my temples and eyes that throbbed like an open wound. Sitting in front, I already warned the driver that I might throw up. Ready, the driver handed me two red plastic bags. He thought though I had the typical motion sickness, not a fancy-sounding, often recurring, illness like migraine.

    If I had not had said yes to a collaboration in Port Barton, I would have stayed for one more night or two in El Nido to witness a fellow travel blogger's intimate beach wedding. But I consoled myself??"I already witnessed their Kenyan wedding ceremony, a glimpse of a cu ...

  • Best Places To Visit In The Philippines

    Best Places To Visit In The Philippines

    Let's start this 2017 with a round-up of the best places to visit in the Philippines. This list features every must-see attractions in the Philippines, from the islands in Palawan to recent highlights such as Kalanggaman Island in Leyte ??" as recommended by local and international travel influencers.

    This list of best places to visit in the Philippines is useful as a checklist for local travelers ("Have you visited them all?") or as a guide for foreign travelers spending a few weeks in the country.



    Tagaytay is definitely a must-see in the Philippines. When you visi ...

  • Port Barto San Vicente A Complete Powerhouse In Palawan

    Port Barto San Vicente A Complete Powerhouse In Palawan

    Port Barton, one of the barangays of San Vicente, fenced between Roxas and El Nido, is probably one of those places you never thought of going as limited travel journals are available for research. It can be the least visited place in Palawan, compare to its well-famed rivals: Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa.

    Others would often describe it as "The Road Less Traveled" as one has to endure a long land and sea transfers; or "The Hidden Paradise of Palawan", since it has been detaining the largest marine sanctuary in San Vicente and owning one of the the richest reefs in the country.

    To G ...