Pinagbuyutan Island

El Nido, Palawan

One of the 45 islands of the town of El Nido in Palawan, Pinagbuyutan is also one of the most famous. It was the shoot location for programs such as Survivor Israel and the Amazing Race.

What is most interesting about it is that it is home to the balinsasayaw or the edible-nest swiftlet (Aerodramus fuciphagus). This bird lives in dark caves and creates its nest out of its own solidi ...

fied saliva. Native bushadors make a living out of climbing the caves and gathering the nests, which are sold as the main ingredients in bird's nest soup.

Pinagbuyutan Island News

  • Philippines - Palawan DJI Mavic Pro

    Philippines from a bird's-eye view. This video captures our 3 week trip all across the Philippines. The country undoubtedly has one of the best landscapes on earth white pristine beaches, clear azure blue waters, lush green jungles and sky-reaching volcanos a holiday in the Philippines should definitely be on your bucket list.

    The parts shown in the video were filmed in Palawan, Nacpan Beach, El Nido, , Luzon, Legazpi, Helicopter Island, Seven Commando Beach, Pinagbuyatan, Nacpan, Malcapuya, Bulog, Banana Island, and many more.

  • Nacpan Marimegmeg And The Inland Beaches Of El Nido

    Nacpan Marimegmeg And The Inland Beaches Of El Nido

    El Nido has long been associated with the islands at Bacuit Bay including hidden lagoons, white sand beaches and magnificent karst landscape. The town itself, located on the main island of Palawan, used to serve only as a launching pad for tours to these islands as well as overnight accommodations for visitors. However, in recent years, previously hard-to-access beaches further inland or near El Nido proper have now been getting a share of the spotlight.

    The Twin Beaches of Nacpan and Calitang

    Situated in Sitio Calitang about 20 kilometers north of El Nido town proper, the Twin Beaches o ...

  • Exploring The Beauty Of El Nido

    Exploring The Beauty Of El Nido

    Exquisite. perhaps the perfect word to describe the beauty of the place. with its aquamarine waters and crystallized white sand along with its majestic cliffs and caves you can say visiting El Nido was like having all the beach in the Philippines in one place. The place was amazing. each Island has its own beauty to offer. the pictures weren't enough to capture the beauty of the place itself . you shoud see it with your own eyes and be awestruck.

    We travelled via air through a local airline. some tips though, when planning your travel I would suggest that you give enough time allowance for ...

  • Travel Guide Touring El Nidos Enchanting Lagoons And Beaches

    Travel Guide Touring El Nidos Enchanting Lagoons And Beaches

    When we hear about El Nido, the first few things that come to mind are paradise, white sand beaches, and glasslike, azure waters.

    Indeed, we found all of these to be true once we got to experience one of the island hopping tours or the rides to different towns on a motorcycle.

    Paradise Beach (Tour D)

    True to its name, this little island with a short stretch of bone-white sand, turquoise waters and dancing coconut trees is paradise. Depending on when you go, there is a chance that you might have this beach to yourself. Relax on the sand, lie on a hammock ??" with book in hand ??" or sw ...

  • Palawan Series On Caves And Islands In El Nido Tour B Mountains Waters

    Palawan Series On Caves And Islands In El Nido Tour B Mountains Waters

    What I love about traveling is that it pushes us to explore the world beyond what we see in magazines and on the internet. It keeps us inspired, and hopeful that there are still things and places in this world that have yet to be discovered. It takes away the bad notion that the world is an evil place.

    On our second day in El Nido, we woke up at around 6 in the morning to prepare our things, and eat breakfast. Island hopping usually starts at 9 am, but I contacted Bryan of Pawikan Hostel to arrange a private island hopping tour, visiting islands of Tour A and B.

    The boatmen met us at the ...

  • Exploring The Beautiful Palawan Through Island Hopping

    Exploring The Beautiful Palawan Through Island Hopping

    Island hopping is probably the most popular activity to do in El Nido, Palawan.

    To join any island hopping activity in El Nido, you need to pay a PhP 200 mandatory environmental fee. This entitles you up to a 10-day island hopping, while tour fees are paid separately.

    Get a hold of your environmental fee ticket during your entire stay as you no longer have to pay entrance fees when you go on a tour of the islands like in Coron.

    We had a quick briefing just before we boarded the large motorized banca. We were given details on where to go, which islands to drop by, what to do, and what ...