Papaya Beach El Nido

El Nido, Palawan

Papaya Beach El Nido is located in El Nido, Palawan. It is a backdrop of gray rock formations, Papaya Beach is usually an alternative to 7 Commandos in Tour A.

Papaya Beach El Nido News

  • The Lagoons Of El Nido Palawan Island Philippines

    The Lagoons Of El Nido Palawan Island Philippines

    El Nido on Palawan Island Philippines is the most beautiful place I have visited. El Nido has so much to offer with beautiful tropical islands, white sandy beaches, caves and some of the most spectacular lagoons in the world.

    There are many different tours you can take. One of the most popular tours is a boat tour to visit the lagoons of El Nido including the Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon and the Secret Lagoon. There are heaps of tour operators in El Nido and they all refer to this tour as Tour A (Lagoon Tour). The Lagoon Tour generally leaves around 9am and returns at 4pm.

    It costs 1200 Peso ...

  • 7 Essential Tips For Seeing The Best Of El Nido

    7 Essential Tips For Seeing The Best Of El Nido

    El Nido is rarely what you think it's going to be. But if you can, imagine a tin-roofed town, with beaches stretching away on both sides, and sandy plots claimed by resorts and restaurants, all for one reason: Bacuit Bay.

    Bacuit Bay is a perfect example of Palawan's aggressive, don't-look-away type of beauty that fills memory cards and keeps travelers in a thrall. The light changes from minute to minute, the clouds cast patterns over the islands, the tide is always up to something. You can't really pick a moment to see the best of El Nido, but mornings and sunsets are a good place to start. ...

  • Exploring El Nido Palawan Island Hopping And Underground River Tour Philippines

    We explore the Underground River Tour in Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Las Cabanas Beach, Nacpan Beach and Tour A for Island Hopping. Palawan is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

  • Island Hopping Tour A Small Lagoon Big Lagoon Shimizu Island Secret Lagoon Papaya Beach

    Island Hopping Tour A Small Lagoon Big Lagoon Shimizu Island Secret Lagoon Papaya Beach

    The next day, we were very much excited with our island hopping trip. Well, being first timers, we opt to choose the famous and default Tour A and Tour C because we only have limited time that we wouldn't be able to avail all of the island hopping tours in El Nido.

    We had our breakfast first in Telesfora which is included in our accommodation. The island hopping tours usually starts around 9am so we still have time to prepare and gaze at the lovely view here in Corong Corong.

    First Stop Small Lagoon

    On our first stop, we went to Small Lagoon. It's actually big in size, but there's a ...

  • Papaya Beach Twin Beach Marimeg Beach

    Papaya Beach Twin Beach Marimeg Beach

    On our last day at El Nido, We woke up to a very chilly morning at Papaya Beach.

    Most of the island was more forest than beach. But there was a variety of activities you can do. You can play basketball or volleyball or frisbee. No need to to bring your own balls or set up your own nets or basket. They've got it all ready for you on the island.

    Welcome humans!. Good morning Papaya Beach.

    Chilling in a hammock. The sands are truly powdery.

    I never knew Frisbee could be so much fun!.

    Our boat guides went back for us in around 11. When we got back to town, we rode a tricycle to our ...

  • Celebrating Love In A  Paradise

    Celebrating Love In A Paradise

    Find out why this couple chose to celebrate their anniversary in El Nido, Palawan.

    I was having a hard time writing about our recently-concluded El Nido trip, so I asked PJ if we can do a collaborative writing, and he politely obliged.

    Writing about it is like sharing a secret. All of us know that El Nido is known worldwide but one should experience it himself to fully appreciate it. No travel articles could ever describe how wonderful El Nido is you have to see it with your own eyes. Everything and everyone was beautiful. It was really tough to leave I cried inside the van upon leaving ...