Onuk Island

Balabac, Palawan

Onuk Island which apparently is privately owned by the mayor and his family which in order to gain access, one has to personally ask for permission from the Office of Balabac Mayor. This personal request must be accompanied by a formal letter of request. Balabac LGU has a satellite office in Puerto Princesa located at Pajara, Brgy. Sta. Monica in front of Bible Baptist Church. Once you gain permis ...

sion, you're now ready to walk along the beach of what consider as the most heavenly island of Palawan (if not the entire Philippine Archipelago).

Onuk Island News

  • Onok Island Natures Gift To Man

    Onok Island Natures Gift To Man

    If you are the techie-savvy, GPS-toting traveler, you won't find "Onok" on the map; instead, you'll find "Roughton Island".

    That is because Roughton Island is the "official name" of Onok, the latter being a local nickname for this wonderful piece of real estate right in the middle of nowhere.

    Fronting the main beach of Onok island is a massive reef, rife with a variety of soft and colorful corals that extend towards a sheer drop of about 80 feet, where large pelagic fish swim about ??" on occasion, you'll be lucky to encounter a school of yellow fins! The surroundings of this small islan ...

  • The Other Side Of Onok Island

    The Other Side Of Onok Island

    Today I discovered the other side of Onok Island. The part comprising of trees and air of peace. The part where I wished I stayed longer, because being alone in here makes me feel a lot more of myself.

    My morning started with the other guests' voices. Chattering and shouting, indications of overjoyed and excitement. Though I woke up pretty late, I still feel I need more snooze.

    I had my whole meals for the day in the dining area under the kitchen hut. I really felt isolated from other guests as they had their lunch on the other dining area. Thinking about separating me from the rest? Hah ...

  • Day 2 At Onok Island

    Day 2 At Onok Island

    My excitement may be the only thing keeping my energy now. I woke up from a short but better than nothing sleep. I traveled for more than 12 hours just to get here. Eleven hours after my arrival, Onok Island still doesn't fail to amaze me. What more, I get to enjoy this island all by myself, well, so much for being the only guest.

    I can't remember how many times I opened my eyes to check if it's already bright outside. I'm so looking for a fresh sunrise that I always fail to see in Manila. Excuse: I'm on midshift. Haha

    I do remember though, my swollen and bare face making it outside to t ...

  • Onok Island Love At First Sight

    Onok Island Love At First Sight

    It was Friday at 3 in the afternoon when I came to Balabac. The sight was normal as other provinces except that there's a mountain in the middle. The residential area surrounds the ring of rock like bits of pieces. On the open area in the port, a skinny man welcomed me with his red motorcab. I didn't know Kuya Johnny, my host, is at this age, his voice and eagerness to chat made me think he's younger. He even has a facebook account. Haha He's also kind to pick me up even though my booking is a day later.

    We drove in a few minutes to his house where he introduced me to his pretty (and younge ...

  • Exploring Balabac Palawans Best Beach Destination

    Exploring Balabac Palawans Best Beach Destination

    Imagine this: pristine, bluish water so clear you'd like to stare at it and swim in it for a very long time. Next, think about the finest and whitest sand that you could ever imagine. Touch it, play with it and roll on it. You have to travel for a very long time and maybe spend some fortune but you know it's worth it, because you are into something very special. Yes, you're into something very special because you are in Balabac, Palawan, home of the best beach destinations in the country of the Philippines.

    This blog post is a rough travel guide on how to explore the God-given beauty of Bal ...

  • The Stunning Onok Island In Balabac Palawan

    As you can see in the video, you can also spot plenty of pawikans lurking around the area. Overall, I think it is the best island I've been since I started filming my adventures around the Philippines. He adds, "Kahit saan mo ibato ang camera mo ma pa GoPro man, DSLR Phone Camera or Drone, lahat maganda, lahat parang kang nasa loob ng painting." All adventurers and travellers should definitely check the place out!