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  • Palawan Council For Sustainable Development Palawan LGUs Enjoined To Promote Conservation Through Flagship Species

    The local government units (LGUs) in Palawan are enjoined to identify flagship species that shall serve as emblem of conservation in its respective localities.

    Pursuant to Section 35 of RA 9147 or the Wildlife Resources and Conservation and Protection Act of 2001 which commits the LGUs to "initiate conservation measures for endemic species in their areas," the Palawan Council Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) proposed a resolution entitiled "The Guidelines on the Selection and Management of Flagship Species by the Local Government Units."

    The said resolution was included in the agend ...

  • Philippines Power Plant Threatens Rare Cockatoos

    The Philippine cockatoo is facing extinction. Only around 1,000 of these magnificent birds remain, and the largest population can be found on Rasa, a tiny island just off Palawan in the Philippines. This location – of all places – has been chosen for a coal power plant. Please urge the Philippine authorities to stop the plans.

    Screeching raucously, a flight of endangered Philippine cockatoos crosses the narrow strait that separates the tiny coral island Rasa from Palawan, a much larger island and the birds' feeding ground, for Rasa is too small to support the population. This vital rout ...

  • You Should Meet Narra A Destination Worth Your Time In Palawan

    For most tourists, Palawan is the home of Honda Bay, the Underground River, Sunken Japanese Wrecks, Tabon Caves, the Crocodile Farm, the Safari Park, Coron Island and the Calamian Islands. But about 96 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City is a place that is equally charming but less frequented: Narra.

    Narra is an acronym for National Resettlement Rehabilitation Administration. The program was established in 1954 as an effort to resettle the landless in Luzon. Known as the Rice Granary of Palawan, Narra is the main producer of rice in the province. An annual festival celebrating their m ...

  • Philippine Cockatoo

    The Philippines only has one species of cockatoo: the Philippine or Red-vented Cockatoo. It used to be widespread and ranged in the major islands of the Philippines but the rampant poaching for the illegal pet trade as well as habitat destruction lead to its decline and is now declared as Critically Endangered. Currently, the best place to see the Philippine Cockatoos in the wild is in the island of Palawan, in Rasa Island. Access to the island is restricted and is managed by one of the Philippines' top conservation organizations, the Katala Foundation (


  • Protection Of The Red-vented Cockatoo

    Since 1998, Katala Foundation (KFI), implements a comprehensive conservation project on the island and adjacent mainland. The project started with only 23 cockatoos left at that time. Presently, the number of individuals increased to more than 250 on Rasa, due to the intense conservation efforts. This represents at least one quarter of the world population of this species, since only circa 1,000 of this extremely rare parrot survive in the wild.

    Thanks to Peter Odekerken, the owner of this video, for letting us share it on Youtube. You can buy the complete video DVD here: http://avizandumbi ...

  • Philippine Cockatoos Face New Challenges

    SOS grantee Katala Foundation Incorporated (KFI), working to protect the Critically Endangered Philippine cockatoo Cacatua haematuropygia expresses serious concerns after the recent approval of the construction of a coal-fired power plant opposite Rasa Island, about one kilometre from the project's site.

    These concerns and what follows were reported to SOS by the grantee in explaining the situation on the ground. Rasa Island is declared a wildlife sanctuary and is of global importance for conservation due to the high number of threatened flora and fauna present including the Philippine cock ...