Narra News

  • Estrella Falls Attracting Local Foreign

    Local and foreign tourists are flocking Estrella Falls in Narra town, Palawan.

    The falls is known for its 64 falls which has cold and flowing water.

    Rodesa Ompat, in charge of Estrella Falls said the increase in visitors is due to the development of the rod leading to it.

    Ompat also said they are planning to set up a zip line as their new attraction. She added that overnight accommodations will also be constructed for guests who want to stay overnight.

    The Estrella Falls is open from 8 am until 5 pm. The entrance fee for adult (39 years above) is P30 and P20 for children. There is ...

  • Estrella River Waterfalls Narra

    Heading south on the National Highway from Puerto Princesa City, you can take a van or motorbike to Estrella River Waterfalls for a day jaunt. The trip from Puerto city center is approximately 2 1/2 hours one way. But if you bring everything you need to enjoy the rest, relaxing and swimming activities a couple of hours at this river and waterfalls will certainly invigorate you on a hot summer day. You can hire a van with a driver for approximately 3500.00 per day and a van is capable of traversing the roads. Stick to summer as the roads will be muddy during rainy season, and the waters would b ...

  • PNNI To File Complain On The Clearing Of

    The Palawan NGO Network Incorporated (PNNI) is determined to file a complaint against whoever is responsible in the clearing activity near the known tourist destination in Palawan- the Estrella Falls.

    When PNNI conducted an inspection in the area, they discovered a big area few meters before the entrance of the Estrella Falls premises. They strongly believe that the clearing operation was made by the local government unit or of the provincial government due to the presence of government equipment colored yellow-orange and green.

    Atty. Robert Chan, Executive Director of PPNI said that the ...

  • Philippine Cockatoos Face New Challenges

    Sos grantee Katala Foundation Incorporated (KFI), working to protect the Critically Endangered Philippine cockatoo Cacatua haematuropygia expresses serious concerns after the recent approval of the construction of a coal-fired power plant opposite Rasa Island, about one kilometre from the project's site. These concerns and what follows were reported to SOS by the grantee in explaining the situation on the ground. Rasa Island is declared a wildlife sanctuary and is of global importance for conservation due to the high number of threatened flora and fauna present including the Philippine cockat ...