Nagtabon Beach

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Nagtabon Beach is an off-the-beaten path, a bit away from the usual tourist trail but the more adventurous really takes their time and effort finding this place. It is located on the south of the city in a barangay (or district) called "Bacungan". Nagtabon Beach is one of Palawan beaches that draw the attention of many visitors. Though the beach is not as popular as the other beaches, it has its o ...

wn share of beauty that satisfies the weariness of visitors. When going to Palawan, Nagtabon might be not on your list of must-see destinations, but a visit to the beach is still a good worthwhile experience.

For many visitors of Nagtabon Beach, they sometimes called the beach as "virgin beach". No commercial shops, resort cottages and facilities, and even tourists. But the secluded ambiance of the beach makes up for its bare surroundings. Unspoiled and undamaged beach, cool and fresh air, the chirping of the birds, and the solemn of the place – are all enough to have a total relaxation.

The best time to go to Nagtabon Beach is around March to September. Otherwise, the waves get really wild and sweep you back and forth the shore, leaving you with little control.

Nagtabon Beach News

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    Day Zero

    It was past noon of Saturday, under a fine and warm weather, when I got into a taxi going to the airport to meet up with the group joining the Puerto Princesa Familiarization Trip. I didn't know everyone at that time but I looked forward to meeting them all. The thought of traveling to Palawan excites me that I arrived four hours earlier than the flight schedule. And while waiting for the rest to arrive, I stayed at a coffee shop next to AirAsia's check-in counters.

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  • New Surfing Destinations In Sorsogon And Palawan

    Big waves in Gubat, Sorsogon have become a hit among local surfing enthusiasts.

    This month, as the town celebrates Swell Festival, expect more surfing fans to visit and join the surfing competition, a festival highlight.

    Gubatnon for Adventurism Inc. President Noli John Mercader revealed, the proceeds from the tournament will benefit scholars and other institutions.

    Local surfers also offer surfing lessons for just P350.

    Aside from surfing, visitors can also join the beach volleyball competition, enjoy the town's delicious delicacies and revel at firedancing at night.

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  • New Surfing Destinations In Sorsogon And Palawan

    The big waves in Gubat, Sorsogon have become a hit among local surfing enthusiasts.

  • Stunning And Undeveloped Beach In Puerto Princesa

    The sun was already high up when I gazed down the stunning scenery below. It was exactly as I saw it online except that I can feel the wind, slightly cool, comforting me from the heat. The distant sound of waves crashing was nothing more of a whisper as I savored the moment of seeing such a fine and beautiful cove.

    In the three weeks I was in Puerto Princesa, subdivided in two trips last November, I was yearning to go to the beach. I searched online and got introduced to Nagtabon Cove, just around 45 minutes from the city proper. But after reading the directions wherein it said that it's be ...

  • Nagtabon Beach Adventure

    Nagtabon Beach Adventure with my friends in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

  • Nagtabon Beach A Beautiful And Unspoiled Beach Everyone Should Visit In Palawan

    While you are in Puerto Princesa and looking for more places to explore? Then an unspoiled beach is waiting for you and that is NAGTABON BEACH!

    On my first trip to Puerto Princesa, the trip to Nagtabon beach was a great addition to our itinerary. After a nice late breakfast at Blue Palawan where we stayed during our trip, we immediately headed off to Nagtabon which is approximately an hour's ride from the city of Puerto Princesa to Nagtabon.

    The road going there was actually quite smooth, but as you made a turn to Nagtabon beach that's when you will hit the rough road. So drive safely!