Nagkalit-kalit Falls

El Nido, Palawan

Nagkalit-kalit Falls is a small waterfalls about 10 meters high near Pasadena in El Nido, Palawan. This place is a best place for some trekker adventurers. On the trail to the waterfalls you might spot vivid butterflies, forest flowers, trees and birds singing. Summer is the best time to appreciate the Nagkalit-kalit Falls when the falls are relatively thin streams and frog dominates.

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  • Nacpan Beach And Nagkalit-kalit Falls El Nido Palawan

    Nacpan beach is the 10th most beautiful beach in the world.
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  • 7 Essential Tips For Seeing The Best Of El Nido

    7 Essential Tips For Seeing The Best Of El Nido

    El Nido is rarely what you think it's going to be. But if you can, imagine a tin-roofed town, with beaches stretching away on both sides, and sandy plots claimed by resorts and restaurants, all for one reason: Bacuit Bay.

    Bacuit Bay is a perfect example of Palawan's aggressive, don't-look-away type of beauty that fills memory cards and keeps travelers in a thrall. The light changes from minute to minute, the clouds cast patterns over the islands, the tide is always up to something. You can't really pick a moment to see the best of El Nido, but mornings and sunsets are a good place to start. ...

  • El Nido Palawan Philippines Nagkalit-kalit Falls

    A short video clip of Nagkalit-kalit Falls located in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

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    It might be too late to greet everyone a "Happy New Year", but hey a happy new year to you! :) How was your new year? Mine was pretty uneventful. I spent it in my hometown in Bicol, waited for the clock to strike 12 on the the 31st of December, then I slept. Even my blog was uneventful. For the first time, I did not write a year-end post.

    Anyway, to start this blog's year and to lessen my travel diary backlogs, I thought of sharing some of the waterfalls I've been to in the Philippines. The Philippines is not only blessed with beautiful beaches but with bodies of freshwater such as lakes, w ...

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    Paradiso Palawan Day 3 At Duli Beach And Nagkalit-kalit Falls

    For our Day 3, my friends and I were having a hard time deciding where will we be going because the weather was not as sunny as the day before. But since we don't want to waste a precious day in El Nido, we decided to visit the 20km white sand marvel of Duli Beach and Nagkalit-kalit Falls, which our host gladly suggested.

    We again hired Kuya Buknoy's tap-down for the day. He informed us ahead though that the road going to Duli Beach was a bit difficult so we still need to walk. Well, that's not a problem for us adventure-seeking kids! Game on!

    Although the sky was a bit gloomy, the sight ...

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