Mt Victoria Mt Anepahan Reserve

Narra, Palawan

The Mount Victoria and Mount Anepahan Key Biodiversity Area includes the Victoria and Anapalan mountain ranges and the adjacent foothills and lowlands in central Palawan. Iwahig Penal Colony is currently a popular destination for visiting bird-watchers, and most of the threatened and restricted-range birds of the Palawan Endemic Bird Area have been recorded in this area.

Mammals rec ...

orded in this IBA include Palawan tree shrew Tupaia palawensis, Palawan flying fox Acerodon leucotis, northern Palawan tree squirrel Sundasciurus juvencus, Palawan stink-badger Mydaus marchei, binturong Arctictis binturong, and Oriental short-clawed otter Amblonyx cinereus (found in fishponds and mangroves at Iwahig Penal Colony). The endemic Palawan montane tree squirrel Sundasciurus rabori occurs at high elevations there. The Victoria and Anapalan range is the type locality for the Palawan earless sphenomorphus Sphenomorphus palawanensis.

Mount Victoria and Mount Anepahan Key Biodiversity Area News

  • The Philippines Perusing Palawan May 10-14 2016

    The Philippines Perusing Palawan May 10-14 2016

    In another attempt to dodge reality, Ross and I decided to hop on over to the Philippines for some last-minute, fast-paced birding. With only three and a half weeks off, we decided on an itinerary that would include Palawan, Cebu, Negros, Bohol, and Mindanao (this last island Ross would be doing alone because I could only get two weeks off of work).

    Ross and I were both super excited to visit Southeast Asia again, and were especially excited to visit the Philippines, where we'd heard nothing but good things from those who had visited. The Philippines is an archipelago made up of over 7,000 ...

  • Mount Victoria Peak Narra Palawan

    Mount Victoria or Victoria Peaks, is a mountain in central Palawan, Philippines, that lies within the administrative Municipality of Narra. The mountain and its twin peaks form the largest contiguous land area and second highest portion of the Mount Beaufort Ultramafics geological region, a series of ultramafic outcrops of Eocene origin, that includes Palawan's highest peak, Mount Mantalingahan.

    Mount Victoria is not generally accessible to the public without special permission owing to the difficulty of ascent; there is no route to the summit, and as such, it is necessary to ascend the mou ...

  • Mt Victoria Palawan The Teeth

    The appearence of the elusive "The Teeth" of Mt. Victoria.

  • A Climb Most Memorable Mt Victoria 2010 MASL

    A Climb Most Memorable Mt Victoria 2010 MASL

    Sometimes, the best laid plans are not meant to be realized exactly how you envisioned them. That's certainly how it was during my last climb up the slopes of Palawan's second highest peak. It was my third time in Palawan (this year alone) and this time, I, along with Tin and Des, were trying our luck with Mt. Victoria in Narra (now that Thumbpeak and Manta were already under our proverbial belts). It was supposed to be a duo of Victoria and St. Paul peaks but a systemic viral infection made short work of that dream. A few days before the climb, Tin and I were each having our respective fevers ...

  • Nepenthes Attenboroughii Digesting Shrew On Mount Victoria Palawan Philippines

    Botanist Alastair Robinson finds the undigested remains of a mountain shrew inside the giant pitcher of carnivorous plant Nepenthes attenboroughii at the top of Mount Victoria, on the island of Palawan in the Philippines.Nepenthes attenboroughii, or Attenborough's pitcher plant, is a montane species of insectivorous pitcher plant of the genus Nepenthes. It is named after the celebrated broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, who is a keen enthusiast of the genus. The species is characterised by its large and distinctive bell-shaped lower and upper pitchers and narrow, upright lid. T ...

  • The Silent Beauty of Thumb Peak

    The Silent Beauty of Thumb Peak

    Thumb Peak also known as Mount Pulgar is a small mountain in Central Palawan and the highest point in the Thumb Range. Like Mount Mantalingahan and Mount Victoria further south, Thumb Peak is part of the Mount Beaufort Ultramafics geological area, a series of ultramafic outcrops of Eocene origin that emerge in various parts of the island.

    The mountain was formerly known as Mount Pulgar, a name it acquired during the Spanish Colonial period. Pulgar means thumb in Spanish, and the name was probably translated directly to English following the ousting of Spain during the Spanish-American War. ...