Mount Taraw

El Nido, Palawan

Mt. Taraw is the highest peak in El Nido and is described by many as 'seriously not for the faint of heart'. It is also one of the limestone mountains in El Nido.

Mt. Taraw is the spot for cliff-climbing. Taraw is a local term for the towering limestone cliffs. "Taraw" is a Cuyunon (Palawan's dialect) word for mountains. These "taraws" you see in El Nido are actually limestone kars ...

t, inside those you find the ingredient or the most expensive food in the world - Nido Soup or locally known as "Balinsasayaw."

Mt. Taraw was located right at the corner of El Nido town and according to those who've climbed it, the top gives a full view overhead of El Nido at its glory. To get there, you will pass through the local community into a pathway leading to a forest and up the mountain trail.

Mount Taraw News

  • Cliffs And Limestone Climb Triumphant At Taraw

    Cliffs And Limestone Climb Triumphant At Taraw

    Without doubt, "the best view comes after the hardest climb." I've been joining minor climbs within Puerto Princesa for a while now, but a challenging climb of a limestone cliff perched in the middle of San Rafael's verdant forest and atop an astonishing cave system taught me to love life more, appreciate small moments better, and love our home city even deeper. Fellow weekend warriors, here's a climb to test your ability to persevere for that sweet prize at the top: Taraw.

    Conquering Taraw

    This unexpectedly challenging day hike led by the Akyat Bundok Palawan commenced on the North Nati ...

  • El Nido, The Palawan Diaries VLOG 3

    Global Gemz Ambassador Jacob Steenson takes us through the Palawan Dairies in his Vlog journey!

    VLOG #3

    This Episode of the Palawan Diaries Jacob Steenson and Co experience the delights of El Nido camping on the beach and view the sunrise from one of the most beautiful view points in the world. Watch as the team experience an early morning climb up Taraw Cliff then experience some local divine foods followed by beach games and a fun alcohol filled evening on the beach.

    This episode is not to be missed!

  • Enchanting El Nido And Its Beautiful Beaches

    Enchanting El Nido And Its Beautiful Beaches

    Enchanting. Or maybe PRISTINE. Rather PERFECT. Is there really any better way to describe this tourist-magnet?

  • Mt Taraw El Nido Palawan

    Mt.Taraw (Rock Climbing)Escapade

    Mt. Taraw is the highest peak in El Nido and is described by many as 'seriously not for the faint of heart.' That, for its steep assault and rock climbing ??"which to be honest was actually the part that lured me in the first place. But it worried me and Evan about how physically taxing the climb was, and the dangerous assault with no use of ropes at that.

    My partner Evan and i woke up around 4AM to prepare. Our tour guide then came,to our surprise,He's a teenager and just wearing a slippers. He then handed out the flashlight to Evan and gave us some tips ...

  • Mount Taraw Highest Point

    Mount Taraw Highest Point

    It was our fourth day in paradise and on this day, we will be climbing the highest point in El Nido.

    If you're serious to climb Mount Taraw Cliff, start climbing by 5am. We were fetched by Kuya Jeorge, our guide, from our guesthouse early morning. All we have is 1 liter of water each person. We prepared ourselves for a difficult climb.

    You need to pass through houses before the jump off point. The start of the climb is already challenging. Wear trekking shoes because the rocks you will be stepping on are really sharp and most of it pointed. By the way, these are limestone karst and not r ...

  • Vlog Philippines Trip 2015 Climb Up Mount Taraw

    My sister and I were considering to do some Cliff Climbing while staying at El Nido. This is the footage of our climb.